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Over Easy: Monday Science

Cute, eh?

Am I my keepers brother or my brothers keeper?


The acidic oceans are killing my squid. And even with the recent footage of the giant squid, there’s still much to learn. If they last long enough.

It ain’t doing reefs much good, either.

You might think that a stellar explosion would be roughly spherical. You’d be wrong.

We’re finally gaining some understanding of how high temperature superconductors work. A superconductor that could run reliably at the temperature of liquid Nitrogen would be a real game changer, as they must now use extremely expensive and comparatively rare helium.  And there is a petition to the Whitehouse to point federal resources at the room temperature superconductors. Only 15 signatures at this time.

Looky what France found! A lost city, underwater. Ed note: Beware the TV in the upper right corner, it will start talking while you’re reading. Hit pause to shut it up.

One of the holes in the Big Bang theory is now plugged. This one involves the discrepancy between the predicted and observed amounts of Li-6 and Li-7. Yet we are still having to fight creationism in schools, this one right near me. Don’t pray in my schools and I won’t think in your church, fair enough?

On a related note, we have now imaged forming planets from a dust cloud.

This is a neat story, but the main reason I’m linking to it is the photo. If we weren’t so skittish about copyright, it’d be at the top of this post.

A bioengineered vein is used in a human for the first time!

A life saved by surgeons with superglue!

Soy Sauce can kill! Though I’d consider the attempted murderer to be Mr. Stupidity, with Soy Sauce as the chosen weapon. If the fellow had died, he’d be a lock for a Darwin award. Hey Bubba-San, watch this!

Anybody want to bet this technology is used to kill before it’s used to help?

Quantum teleportation takes a leap forward. We may see practical applications using this in our lifetime. Imagine a computer with NO central bus!

The sound of an earthquake can tell us if a tsunami is created! This does not make Nuke plants located next to the seashore safe, just means we’ll know in advance (maybe a few hours) when they’ll get creamed.

Opportunity Rover is approaching ten years of exploration on Mars. Not bad for a mission that was supposed to last only 90 days. Here’s the latest discovery.

New oldest primate fossil discovered.

In the interests of equal time, here are the winners of the Creation Museum Photo contest to support the book debunking evolution, The Lie By Ken Ham. I am shocked beyond words that Mr. Ham has never been invited to Book Salon here. Clearly, we’re a bunch of close minded knuckledraggers.

Boxturtle (I doubt Radio City Music Hall ever expected to hear this on stage)

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