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International Developments

? Pakistan, angry about the latest drone strike, has summoned the US ambassador; Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif again calls for an “end to drone strikes”.

? Second week of protests in Ankara, Turkey with tear gas and water cannon being used.  More protests in Istanbul, too.  Update:  “Turkey PM Erdogan warns protesters of ‘limited patience’.”  Ten days now.

? A person in Afghanistan National Army uniform opened fire and killed two US soldiers in NATO’s International Security Force and a US civilian.

? “In 2011, the commercial hub of Homs [Syria] gained notoriety as the cradle of the uprising.  Two years later, the war grinds on in the Old City.”

? Map of Syria showing surrounding countries with a synopsis of the impact of the Syrian conflict on each.

? “At least 11 people have died in Benghazi in eastern Libya, in clashes that erupted during protests outside a militia headquarters”.  Update:  “Libya army chief of staff ‘resigns’.”

? “US assisting Middle Eastern allies against cyber threats from Iran.”

? At their recent meeting, President Obama told Chinese President Xi “that continued cybertheft would damage relations”.  Update: “Obama’s meeting with Xi overshadowed by revelations of NSA’s snooping [so no deals on cyber-espionage] –but deals are made on N Korea and HFCs emissions.”

? The Elbe river has burst a dam, forcing thousands of people from their homes in eastern Germany.  The Danube and Vlatava are also flooding.  21 dead thus far.

? Nelson Mandela, former South African President and rights leader, is in hospital.  “Serious but stable”.

International Finance

? What’s he smoking?  “Francois Hollande: the eurozone crisis is over.  French president declares end of Europe’s debt crisis during state visit to Japan, despite continent’s record unemployment.”

Money Matters USA

? Austerity!  Tire rental stores are having a “business boom” with consumers paying 2, 3 times what they would if they bought the tires themselves.

? Almost 1 in 7 African-Americans are jobless; many others are in low-wage service jobs; and 45% born into middle-class homes are now at or living in poverty.  Many African-American young people are turning to education as a way out of poverty–and awaiting them are for-profit schools and student loans.

? Signs that “‘Made in USA’ on the rise”.  With wages improving in China, negative reactions to factory collapses and fires in Bangladesh, small US manufacturers are ready to roll, and there’s even crowdfunding. [cont’d.]

Dan Wright

Dan Wright

Daniel Wright is a longtime blogger and currently writes for Shadowproof. He lives in New Jersey, by choice.