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Eavesdropping Is One Thing The Republicans Do Not Seem To Have A Problem With Obama Doing

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina does not have a problem with the Obama administration tapping people’s phone conversations and reading people’s emails.  It is ironic that while most Republicans are content with this spying some Democrats are the biggest critics of these spying tactics.  These Democrats include notable liberals such as Representative Henry Waxman, Senators Mark Udall and Ron Wyden, and lets not forget the Massachusetts Senatorial candidate Ed Markey.  I am a loyal Democrat and I am on the same bandwagon as these Democratic Obama critics.  We cannot justify spying on everyone to protect us from terrorism, especially when you are more likely to drown in a bathtub than be killed by terrorists.

Of all the accusations made against Obama, the allegations of eavesdropping on phone conversations and emails are the ones most likely to be true.  It is possible that Obama has committed some impeachable offenses here.  Will Congress impeach him? No!

Despite the ranting by these many notable Democrats, there are other Democrats -such as Dianne Feinstein- who is happy to continue with the spying programs.  It is, therefore, unlikely that most Democrats in the House can form a coalition with a few  House Republicans to pass a bill of impeachment.

Finally, the public has become immune to these scandals.  Watergate instilled a belief that most politicians are corrupt.  So they are not ready to stand up and call for a large investigation or impeachment.  They simply think “oh another corrupt politician” and return to their daily lives.  How do we change this sentiment?


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