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Bradley Manning’s Trial—Day 4 (Live Updates)

Pfc. Bradley Manning

8:50 PM EST Sheila Glenn, a senior analyst with Army Counterintelligence, testified on the report the agency put out on the “threat” posed by WikiLeaks. She testified about the contents of the report, which can be read here. (I covered the possible role this report might have in the trial last week.)

8:44 PM EST Special Agent Mark Mander, a key investigator in the case, took the stand. During his testimony he said, “I don’t have actual knowledge of why WikiLeaks wants documents.” This goes to the allegation on the part of the government that Manning had “knowledge” his disclosures would “aid” some enemy.

8:43 PM EST Much thanks to my assistant Jeff Creamer who helped me throughout the day.

5:17 PM EST  Govt: “Do you know how to use the Internet?” SA Mander: “Uh, yes.” [Actual exchange in Bradley Manning’s trial]

5:15 PM EST  Defense argues govt has presented no evidence that Manning ever looked at “Most Wanted” list put up by WikiLeaks

5:14 PM EST  Prosecutors trying to get cached copy of WikiLeaks’ “Most Wanted” list from 2009 admitted into evidence whether it is authentic or not.

5:13 PM EST Bradley Manning trial is devolving into inane arguments over whether witnesses know how Twitter or Google Cache works.

5:11 PM EST  Special Agent Mark Mander describes WikiLeaks logo as two globes in an hourglass: “Top uppermost one appears to be dripping to other one”

2:50 PM EST  Apparently, for one to be considered whistleblower by AP, public must have opinion that they are a whistleblower.

2:46PM EST  AP editor: outlet won’t call Snowden or Manning whistleblowers because whether exposed wrongdoing “hotly contested”

2:43PM EST  National Whistleblower Center: “Stop destroying lives of civil servants who try to report misconduct”

2:42PM EST  CWO5 Jon Larue, Apache pilot testifying this afternoon. Is he soldier from “Collateral Murder”? Secret for now…

1:45 PM EST Full report on Manning’s defense indicating in open court that they support the presence of a crowd-funded stenographers at the trial here.

It features comments from Freedom of the Press Foundation Trevor Timm, a co-founder of the organization which has raised donations to have stenographers present throughout the duration. Also, comments from Shayana Kadidal of the Center for Constitutional Rights on openness in the trial in general are included.

1:21 PM EST  There are multiple stipulations to testimony that will be read so witnesses do not have to take the stand. This testimony that the prosecution and defense agree is fact.

Witnesses that will be taking the stand this afternoon are Special Agent Mark Mander, a contractor for ManTech who assisted in the forensic examination of evidence. Matthew Housburgh will testify about a Computer Chaos Club document. Ken Moser will testify about the investigation into the Farah air strike in Afghanistan.

CWO5 Jon LaRue, an Apache pilot, will testify as well. We also may hear from a signals officer from Manning’s unit, Jason Milliman, a technician who worked on the computers in the FOB Hammer intelligence facility and Juliet Mike, who will testify about the “Gitmo Files” or detainee assessment briefs Manning released.

12:12 PM EST: Chad Maderas, who served in intel section of FOB Hammer w/ #Manning, took stand. Described mIRC chat use by officers.

The trial of Pfc. Bradley Manning has resumed. Proceedings for the fourth day began with stipulated testimony from Steve Buchanan, a contractor for the National Security Agency and someone trained in information assurance or security for Intelink.

Intelink is a web-based search engine that allows individuals to find unclassified, secret and top secret information on the secret network known as SIPRnet, which contained the files Manning disclosed to WikiLeaks.

Buchanan’s testimony was intended to authenticate evidence showing when Manning searched for information he is charged with releasing.

Special Agent David Shaver took the stand again. He delivered testimony about the evidence in the Intelink logs. On March 7, 2010, Manning made 700 connections suing a freeware program called WGET to download assessment briefs on Guantanamo detainees.

Prior to any testimony, Judge Army Col. Denise Lind addressed a letter submitted by the Freedom of the Press Foundation requesting media credentials for two crowd-funded stenographers supported by various media organizations.

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