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What If?

In 1980 some well educated, prosperous people told me about “The New World Order, and the Bilderberg group”.  Although I had known them for awhile, and considered them to be good people, I didn’t believe them.

“What if”, the most powerful, and wealthiest people on planet earth decided to control world resources and it’s money.  What if they decided to meet in secret and select new members ” in secret”.  What if President Barack Obama, and other heads of state belonged to this group.

What if they wanted to take away our right to control our own destiny, and at the same time loot the planet , achieve fabulous wealth and power, plus crush anyone who challenged them.  What if they controlled world opinion?  What if, anyone who wanted to be elected to be president of The United States of America, had to be a member of their group.  If the most powerful and richest people on the planet are members of your group, that’s possible.

One of the past priorities of “The Bilderberg Group” was NAFTA.  Don’t you find that interesting?  Their vision is a world with only rulers and servants; they would use manufactured crisis and perpetual war to achieve their end vision.

What if a president was elected who had no racial, religious, or political loyalties? What if his only desire was to become one of the wealthiest most powerful people on the planet?   

“What If”…………………………?

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