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Unraveling this surveillance mess – Super Legislator to the rescue

Now finally the press has awoken to what some of us with technical backgrounds have been saying privately for years.

We’re being spied on by everyone, for multiple reasons.



We now know the Government is capturing our every breath, for no good purpose expect to enhance people’s careers and manage large budgets.

This, obviously, includes capturing our beloved elected representatives’ every move, sleeping (really!) and waking.

So how do our elected representatives bring this monster under control? Especially when it has records of their every innocent or nor so innocent peccadillo (remember the capturing of sleeping behavior).

I seen to remember some member of congress being ousted because of sending pictures of his wiener out on the intertubes. I’m sure that lesson has not escaped the notice of our elected representatives, nor the masters of all our elected representatives’ data (who are very fond of their positions, associated large budgets, and obvious revolving door possibilities).

Are our elected representative hopelessly compromised by the data collected, and completely unable to exert their constitutional privileges over the executive?

I expect so. The response from our beloved senators was very muted, and certainly leads to questions.

I’m sure that some extensive data mining of Mr Feinstein (Richard Blum) would be very interesting (offshore bank accounts, contracts with the fed for favors, tax evasion and so on), and the desire to keep that concealed would muzzle Mrs Blum — Senator Feinstein.

I’m also positive that all the other elected officials are a pure as the drive snow, and have noting to hide. Pure as driven snow in the mud season that is, filthy, dirty, unpleasant and running in the gutter.

Where is Super Legislator when needed? (Actually Ordinary Honest Legislator would be nice)

Photo from Martin Abegglen licensed under Creative Commons

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