Less ass than usual.

Random tenny thing:

UFO’s Are Real – MC 900 Ft Jesus
Breaking Up The Girl – Garbage
Little Tornado – Aimee Mann
Golden Pendulum – Big Pink
Who Goes First? – Ned’s Atomic Dustbin
4 Degrees – Tool
Salka – Sigur Rós
Yellin’ In My Ear – Operation Ivy
1901 – Phoenix
Pablo and Andrea – Yo La Tengo
… and Blank Girl – Dum Dum Girls

I was listening to the new Laura Marling this evening based on word of mouth and also the strength of the single Where Can I Go  (why, yes, it will make you think of Afternoon Delight. You’ll live, you big baby.) and I’m kind of ‘meh’ on her in large doses. There is a kind of sameness about each song which makes me want to jump ahead for something, anything, different. On the hand, I was also listening to the new Filter which sounds exactly like every other Filter CD (NIN lite) and I don’t mind it so much with them which probably makes me a hypocrite or a misogynist or something, I guess. I am also disappointed by this which would have been interesting to see.

Also this:
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Drum machines before drum circles!



Yeah. Like I would tell you....