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An Open Letter to Sen. Kay Hagan

Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC)

Senator Hagan:

I am one of your constituents from Raleigh, a Democrat, and a citizen who voted for you.

Of the many challenges you as a candidate might have anticipated would come your way as a Senator from North Carolina, I cannot imagine that you–or anyone—could have dreamed that among them would be the most horrendous and treasonous attempts to destroy the civil rights of Americans that we have witnessed ever in our nation’s history.  More unthinkable would have been that the enemy of our freedoms would be the Executive Branch of our Government.

That such a state of affairs was—and still is to many—simply inconceivable, that you never calculated we would ever see such a crisis, that you certainly did not ask to be on the front lines of a battle in which the very future of the republic hangs in the balance is neither here nor there.  The fact is that history has put you, Senator, among the very few who, IF YOU ACT NOW, might possibly pull us back from this brink over whose edge we all now peer.

Do we need more evidence than the recent revelations about the NSA spying on Americans to see the extent to which the National Security Apparatus has become not the Servant of the People but our Master, gained its own unchecked momentum, and is lurching out of control as it devours and dismantles heretofore sacrosanct fundamentals of our nation’s existence?

We have both known men and women–unremarkable, simple, ordinary, even uneducated men such as my father—who without a second thought or hesitation gladly laid down every joy and blessing this life could offer, laid down life itself, for the sake of more important truths and ideals.  They were not slaves to the mirage of “security”.  They marched into glory to protect our principles as we cower in fear, greed, and faithless and offer up those same principles in desperate sacrifice.

I am exhausted–past reason, past dialogue, past all but the faint hope this letter might help compel you to action.  I beg you and your colleagues to intervene here.  I implore you to find the courage to fight to restore the Constitution and its supremacy.  For the sake of the future, for the sake of all the blood and suffering of the Revolution, please act now.


Ken Hardy

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Ken Hardy

Ken Hardy