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House Group Seems Unlikely to Reach Immigration Reform Deal

Representative Raul Labrador (R-ID), one key member in the House working on immigration reform

A bipartisan group of House members have been working for months to reach an immigration reform deal but it looks like their efforts won’t pay off. According ABC News:

Bipartisan meetings in the House of Representatives on a comprehensive immigration reform bill have failed, and the congressmen will meet for the last time today without reaching an agreement on a House bill, ABC News has learned.

The stumbling block is GOP insistence that newly legalized workers now working in the shadows have no access to government-sponsored health care during their 15-year pathway to citizenship, according to two sources with access to the secret house “Gang of 8? meetings.

This lack of a House bill is not a death knell to immigration reform. The Senate is still moving forward with its bill and it was always expected to be the foundation of any final plan. The main act has always been in the Senate.

However, this is not good news for the prospect of reform. While the House could simply take up the Senate bill, that is sure to bruise some egos in the House. Without a sense of buy in, it could be hard to keep House Republicans on board for what is needed to reach a final compromise.

From the beginning I said the Affordable Care Act could end up being one of the major stumbling blocks and/or excuses for killing reform and it appears that prediction may unfortunately come true.

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Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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