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International Developments

? “Turkey’s Deputy [Prime Minister] Bulent Arinc apologises to protesters injured [while] opposing the demolition of an Istanbul park.”

? “Syria’s war has reached ‘new levels of brutality‘, with evidence of fresh suspected massacres, sieges and violations of children’s rights”,  including forcing a child to participate in two beheadings.  “80 child soldiers . . . killed during combat.”  Update: UK and France are sure sarin has been used, but not so sure by whom.  Update:  10,000 Shias have volunteered with the rebels, following attack on a Shia shrine.

? “Afghans protest against US forces after discovery of mutilated bodies.”

? This should turn out really well:  “Egyptian Politicians: Sabotage Ethiopia’s New Dam.”

? Smuggling ancient manuscripts out of Timbuktu.

? Oopsie.  “U.S. publishes details of missile base Israel wanted kept secret.”

? Three years ago, he wrote a “scathing editorial” about the failures of the OAS.  This week, though, Secretary of State John Kerry will be attending an OAS meeting to discuss  “Counternarcotics and counterterrorism strategy, as well as human rights throughout the Western Hemisphere”.

International Finance

? Concern that Chinese firms “are unfairly undercutting rivals”, the European Commission “is imposing temporary anti-dumping levies on Chinese solar panel imports.”

Money Matters USA

? “US Proposes Labeling Some Nonbanks Threats“.  American International Group “says it is among the firms” named.  Update: Two more names revealed:  Prudential Financial and GE Capital.

? How smart is this?  “MSNBC Chief Phil Griffin:  Our Network Is ‘Not The Place’ for Breaking News”

? Map showing “The Absolute Worst States for Job Hunting Law School Grads”. [cont’d.]

Photo by messycupcakes under Creative Commons license

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Dan Wright

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