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Over Easy: Monday (and Tuesday!) Science

Whatever it takes to sell tickets

Really in Nineveh? My travel Agent shall hear of this!


Not exactly science, but a story about the cold war I’d never heard. 

About 16,000 people are waiting for a liver transplant and about 1600 die each year. Here’s a step forward.

Cervical cancer tests like what we have here are too expensive for many people. A cheaper test using only vinegar has been found. Just swab vinegar and abnormal cells change color!

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon Ninevah?

Here’s a reputable study that says global warming is not caused by CO2, but by CFC’s. He achieves a nearly perfect correlation between CFC’s and global temperature without Co2. I remind all that statistics can lie and statisticians DO lie, nevertheless this needs investigated.

Quantum entanglement between particles that did not exist at the same time?!? If time doesn’t matter to particles, why does it matter to us?

We make an artificial magnetic monopole. It’s more of a field than an particle and they haven’t really measured it, just observed the process and declared that one HAD to be created for that to happen.

You’ve all read about the claims of mammoth blood being found in a clonable form. Here’s your reality check.  I’d love to see a live mammoth. I’d like to see a unicorn, too.

662 millisievert radiation is the amount of radiation an astronaut would receive on the trip to Mars and back, not counting time on surface. 200/year is the current official limit for Fukushima workers. We’d better find better shielding or figure on sending older astronauts.

Speaking of Fukushima, the latest idea is to fill the buildings with grout to plug the groundwater leaks they can’t find. There were people predicting this over a year ago. It worries me to think how much cooling MIGHT be coming from the groundwater and what will happen when that’s cut off.

Have you ever heard of the pirate ant? It was named such for the eye pigmentation. Weird, eh?

New squidcam of the Humboldt squid! Attach a camera to the squid, see what the squid sees. It seems these squid hunt in packs.

Boxturtle (My Great Pyrenees fell into a lake. I discovered she swims like a brick)

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