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Still a ton of crazy

The outhouse rat is not going to run for her House seat in 2014. I am, of course, referring to Michele Bachmann whom we all know is crazier than an outhouse rat.

Ms. Rat’s particular strain of crazy was mighty strong. But fans of the crazy need not despair…there is still a ton of crazy in America. We should be well stocked on the crazy for many years to come.

In Portland, Oregon, the anti-science mentality has defeated plans to fluoridate the city’s water supply. Good for them. I don’t blame them for not trusting the government (run by a Black guy) to “help” them and their kids. For all we know that fluoride stuff could cause white folk’s peckers to go soft and then all the brown people would take over.

Portland’s new motto could become, “Portland…our teeth are bad, but look at these peckers.”

John McCain, the Republican Senator from Arizona and the bringer of the Palin, went to Syria this past week. He met with the “good” rebels who want to overthrow Bashar al-Assad and then become America’s bestest friends once they take over.

Senator McCain says we can identify the “good” rebels and then arm them. He has a point…what could possibly go wrong with a plan to give radicalized Muslims a bunch of weapons with which they can overthrow a repressive secular regime that is backed by the Russians who have propped up the secular regime with gifts of weapons and money?

Hell, I don’t know. Has such a thing ever been attempted before? How did it turn out for us? We might as well give McCain’s plan a try…what could go wrong?

America’s Attorney General Eric Holder is investigating himself. This is a tried and true method of getting to the bottom of wrong doing at the Justice Department. It has worked well through Democratic and Republican administrations. In all those instances, no Attorney’s General ever found they had done anything wrong.

I don’t know if Eric Holder did anything wrong. He is probably just a victim of the favorite Republican game in Washington, D. C., “blame Obama, et al.,” but you can be sure Holder will find that Holder did nothing wrong.

President Obama spoke last week and suggested that Congress better get busy and remove his power to drone anybody anywhere before it gets out of hand.

Back in the dark times of post-9/11 trauma, Congress gave Dubya the power to blow up any damn thing and any damn people he wanted. There were a few hazy stipulations about the people and places having a direct link to the people that planned and carried out the 9/11 terror attacks, but our President can still pretty much blow up whatever or whomever he feels like blowing up.

Good one, Mr. President, “I wouldn’t be eating these potato chips if the wife hadn’t bought them. I guess there is nothing I can do but keep eating them until she quits buying them.”

Congress, under the stellar leadership of its Speaker, Republican from Ohio John “Tiny” Boehner (pronounced “boner”), has voted 37 times to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act. It doesn’t matter that the Senate is controlled by Democrats so the vote will not be brought up in the Senate. What matters is that Republicans, whom are accused of doing nothing by the lame-stream media, have done something. Rumor has it that vote 38 is just days away.

In Batavia, Illinois, high school social studies teacher, John Dryden, is in big trouble for explaining the Fifth Amendment to his students as it related to a student survey that included questions about drug and alcohol use. Each survey included the student’s name.

Dryden had just finished teaching a unit on the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights is the collective name given to the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution which, among other things, provide American citizens the right to religious freedom (Amendment 1), the right to bear arms (Amendment 2), and the freedom from self-incrimination (Amendment 5).

When Dryden explained to his students that they were covered by the Fifth Amendment and need not answer the incriminating questions, he was suspended without pay for one day and reprimanded officially by the Batavia School Board…he could get fired, but the guy is a hippie anyway, so no big deal.

Michele Bachmann may be drifting out of the public spotlight (dear God, please), but there is still plenty of crazy to go around. Some newer, crazier outhouse rat will surface, or Ms. Rat could decide that America and God need her to run for President again.

Now, that’s crazy in which you can believe.

Photo by Bo Insogna under Creative Commons license

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