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It’s Cartoon Friday, again!

Adam Reed at Comic-Con

After Sealab 2021, creator Adam Reed, along with Matt Thompson, would go on to create the popular series Archer.

Sealab 2021 was one of the first Adult Swim cartoons on Cartoon Network. Like another popular outing from the early oughts, Space Ghost Coast-to-Coast, it reuses footage from an older Hanna-Barbara cartoon. Sealab 2020 had an environment theme and originally aired just 13 episodes in 1972. Its pseudo-sequel, 2021, took the framework of this series and used it to create four seasons of absurdist madness. Most episodes end with the explosion of the undersea lab, but sometimes they manage to blow it up more than once.

The creators of the show, Adam Reed and Matt Thompson, are also the primary minds behind the modern cartoon spy/office comedy Archer. The main anchor of Sealab is Captain Hank Murphy, the incompetent leader of the Sealab, voiced by Harry Goz. Goz got his start in musical theatre and was in his late 60s and early 70s during the creation of this show. He died during season three and was replaced by his son, Michael Goz. He’s in fine form in this episode, “Lost In Time.” (Read more about Sealab 2021 on Wikipedia)

What are your favorite cartoons? I’ll use them in a future installment of Cartoon Friday.


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Photo by jen released under a Creative Commons license.

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