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Yea, yea, we know, O needs Retirement Money…

Synoia –

There are only 24 hours left — so we’ll be blunt:

If we get blown out on this fundraising deadline, President Obama’s agenda is in deep trouble.

Oh right, no chained CPI, correct? That’s such a winner. Remind me about single payer.

Here’s why: National Republicans just had their BEST April fundraising numbers in over a decade. If they can bury us in May, there’s no way we’ll be able to fight the lies coming from the Republicans and their Super PACs.

I’m missing the connection between fundraising and O’s agenda. Why does all this “Bipartisan” stuff need money?

Obama needs to be paid for “Look forward not backward”? By us? He didn’t get enough from the MIC and Wall St?

We can’t let them continue to profit off of blatant obstructionism. Will you help us fight back?

Against whom? Obama? Don’t I do that by not giving you any money?

Name: Stupid Idiot
Supporter record: 2133007
Suggested Support: $3.00

24 HOURS LEFT: Donate $3 or more to fight Republican attacks and your gift will be matched dollar for dollar.

Matched by whom? Full disclosure required here. Are you a charity with other donors? What does the IRS say about that?

Right now, Republicans aren’t holding back — their attacks on this administration are more ruthless and aggressive than ever. We’ve got to respond quickly and forcefully to every one of their attacks. Are you ready to step up?

We’ve got to respond quickly and forcefully — yes, when does that start, 2017?

Why is it when you write “quickly and forcefully” I think of ordinary people leaned on by Obama’s justice department, while giving huge criminals a free ride?

Fool me once, etc, etc… trample on me repeatedly? I get the message.

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