The AP Spying Story: What You Aren’t Being Told

It is all conspiracy theatre, and it is bad theatre. Yet another False Flag Operation by the Intelligence Community has been compromised. Supposedly, a Saudi or British “double agent” magically fooled the Al Qaeda high command. AP told the world another Al Qaeda Underwear Bomber had been stopped. AP even delayed the story so the Drone Assassins could kill another Al Qaeda leader.

The Secret Government must protect its forbidden history. AP and other reporters are now targets of the Secret Government. It is another war by the Whole of Government against what remains of a free press.

ACT ONE: This Was A CIA Ruse, Not A Journalist-Initiated Disclosure

Is the “leak” to AP, about Undie #2 another Ruse? There was a leaker. The Leaker was John Brennan who leads the CIA and all the Undie Plots. There was another blabbermouth leaker, Rep. Peter King (R-NY). Rep. King has been pursuing the Benghazi scandal, which is another CIA failure. Brennan replaced disgraced General Petraeus. Corrupt bloody Generals and blabbermouth CIA Spymasters, blame the reporters to conceal their incredible failures.

This double agent, Undie #2, was going to attack an airliner with a bomb concealed in his underwear. Then we are supposed to believe that Double Agent, Underwear Bomber #2, would return to Al Qaeda. And he would stop more underwear attacks, for years.

The embedded reporters, are part of the government propaganda community. They routinely repeat leaks from the Intelligence Community to support the wars. Embedded reporters generally are liars. And leaks from the Intelligence Community are generally lies. Jack Shaefer of Reuters supports the spy games.

Echoing King’s comments on CNN, the New York Times, NBC News, the Telegraph and the Los Angeles Times reported that the double agent (or the double-agent operation) had helped the CIA’s drone find and kill Al-Quso.

What not for the U.S. government to like here?

To begin with, the perpetrators of a successful double-agent operation against al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula would not want to brag about their coup for years.

Undie #2 had been given a Undie Bomb to attack an Airliner. Was he going to blow up his underwear then return to Al Qaeda. And maybe blow up more bombs in his underwear for years.

Walter Pincus of WaPo also wants to suppress the Press for revealing this False Flag Operation.

The AP story tied the foiling of an AQAP plot to White House press secretary Jay Carney’s statement the week before that assured “the American public that [the administration] knew of no al-Qaeda plots against the U.S. around the anniversary of bin Laden’s death.” The AP story implied that Carney’s statement was untrue. But Carney was right. This was a CIA ruse, not a terrorist-initiated plot…

Like it or not, they are part of a crime…

The reality is that this is not a whistleblowing case. There are no heroes here, and the press in this instance was not protecting individuals trying to expose government malfeasance.

This was a CIA Ruse, not a terrorist act. This was a CIA False Flag Operation just as Undie #1 was, although Undie #1 was just a patsy. Did the Ruse include blowing up an airplane with a bomb? Undie #1 did ignite his bomb, even though the Government claims they stopped that attack. How would another Undie attack be explained? Why did Jay Carney presidential spokesliar, even answer such a question about what they knew about future attacks?

And we have another official leak. The Ruse was not to stop an Undie Bomb. That is reassuring, or maybe not so reassuring. Why would we expect the Intelligence Community to thwart a terrorist attack? They did not thwart Undie #1. They did not thwart 9/11.

The objective was to “neutralize” the Saudi “al Ashiri”. He is a Master Undie Bomb Maker. And perhaps with enough practice he will kill someone with his undie bombs someday. Some might ask why Undie #2 did not neutralize al-Ashiri when he got the Undie Bomb #2. But this leaker is not any more believable than any of the other official embedded war pimps.

What went completely without mention in the initial coverage was the fact that thwarting this plot was not the objective of the ongoing undercover operation. Its true objective was to gain enough intelligence to locate and neutralize the master bomb builder, Ibrahim Hassan al-Ashiri, who works with an Al-Qaeda affiliate, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). Penetrating AQAP is incredibly difficult.

Perhaps, there was not a leak to AP. Or perhaps, this whole farce was more psyops by the Secret Government. These AP reporters, and the dee cee stenographers have obeyed the Intelligence Community until now. The Government promises to punish anyone who reveals the forbidden history.

ACT TWO: The President’s Speech Inspires Hope And Change

The President gave a speech about the Forever Wars. The speech was full of hope and change and we will have peace in our time…Just kidding.

The speech was more of the same. After a trillion dollars, and twelve years of corrupt generals fighting forever wars, we have light at the end of the war tunnels.

“Today the core of al Qaida in Afghanistan and Pakistan is on the path to defeat.”

The President summarizes the false history, without including the forbidden history.

In the 1990s, we lost Americans to terrorism at the World Trade Center, at our military facilities in Saudi Arabia, and at our embassy in Kenya.

These attacks were all brutal. They were all deadly. And we learned that, left unchecked, these threats can grow.

The 1993 attack on the WTC by the supporters of the Blind Sheikh, was known to the FBI. TThe FBI had an “informant”, a double agent who offered to substitute a phony bomb. The FBI allowed the plot to continue with a real bomb.

Author Peter Lance revealed more forbidden history. Lance was among the first of journalists to be targeted by the Secret Government. Federal Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald is attempting to destroy Peter Lance.

Peter Lance revealed there was an Al Qaeda agent, Ali Mohammed, who helped attack the Kenya Embassy. Ali was a Green Beret and had knowledge of US security procedures. He provided that terror expertise to Al Qaeda, and moved Usama Bin Laden back and forth with the full knowledge of the American Government.

Terrorist Ali Mohammed remains free, while Peter Lance is targeted for revealing forbidden history. President Obama is being dishonest by omitting the true facts of these attacks.

The attack against an airliner on Christmas 2009, was a CIA ruse. The CIA Handler escorted Abdulmutallab through airport security without a search or a visa. The CIA Ruse was used as an excuse to assassinate Anwar Awlaki. Undie #1, known to be a terrorist, was not searched before boarding Flight #253. Perhaps Awlaki was guilty but the Intelligence Community endangered an airliner full of people.

When Farouk Abdulmutallab, the Christmas Day bomber, went to Yemen in 2009, Awlaki hosted him, approved his suicide operation, helped him tape a martyrdom video to be shown after the attack, and his last instructions were to blow up an airplane when it was over American soil.

The first Undie Bomber has become forbidden history. The courageous witness Kurt Haskell, was threatened by the FBI to change his story. The Government claims they stopped the plot. But the bomb was ignited and started potentially catastrophic fire. The Senate Report continued the official false history.

A State Department official reported that this was a False Flag Op. The original story in the Detroit News has been mostly memory wiped. One copy may remain available.

Patrick F. Kennedy, an undersecretary for management at the State Department, said Abdulmutallab’s visa wasn’t taken away because intelligence officials asked his agency not to deny a visa to the suspected terrorist over concerns that a denial would’ve foiled a larger investigation into al-Qaida threats against the United States.

ACT THREE: Gladio B, Here, There, And In Central Asia

But the “Core” will never be defeated. There is no “Core” of Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda is a mercenary criminal gang created by the CIA to fight the Soviets. The CIA uses Al Qaeda or its “Core” or its affiliates or its branches, as a Ruse to terrorize the world.

The CIA and Ollie North were using the corrupt bank BCCI to pay for illegal weapons and launder drug money. North had created ther terrorist mercenaries, the Contras. BCCI was also used for funding Al Qaeda. Perhaps the disgraced North helped create Al Qaeda.

The Intelligence Community set up another secret army in Central Asia, with the help of Al Qaeda. There is a special office in the Pentagon that directs the terror of Al Qaeda.

“In the late 1990s, all the way up to 9/11, al-Zawahiri and other mujahideen operatives were meeting regularly with senior U.S. officials in the U.S. embassy in Baku to plan the Pentagon’s Balkan operations with the mujahideen,” said Edmonds. “We had support for these operations from Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, but the U.S. oversaw and directed them. They were being run from a secret section of the Pentagon with its own office”.

Edmonds clarified, “the FBI counterintelligence investigation which was tracking these targets, along with their links to U.S. officials, was known as ‘Gladio B’, and was kickstarted in 1997. It so happens that Major Douglas Dickerson” – the husband of her FBI co-worker Melek whom she accused of espionage – “specifically directed the Pentagon’s ‘Gladio’ operations in Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan at this time.”…

Edmonds said that the Pentagon operations with Islamists were an “extension” of an original ‘Gladio’ programme uncovered in the 1970s in Italy…

“We’d spoken to several current and active Pentagon officials confirming the existence of U.S. operations sponsoring mujahideen networks in Central Asia from the 1990s to 2001,” said one Sunday Times source. “Those mujahideen networks were intertwined with a whole range of criminal enterprises, including drugs and guns. The Pentagon officials corroborated Edmonds’ allegations against specific U.S. officials, and I’d also interviewed an MI6 officer who confirmed that the U.S. was running these operations sponsoring mujahideen in that period.”

In 2008, reporters for the British newspaper, Sunday Times prepared a story about “Gladio B”. The story was flushed into the memory hole by United States secret government censors.

The original Gladio was a series of assassinations, bombings and other terror attacks. This was a program directed by European espionage services and the CIA against innocent victims. The goal was to falsely accuse leftwing groups of the crimes. Then use the terror for political repression. It was and is, “The Strategies of Tension”.

In the period 1969 to 1987, 491 innocent civilians were killed and 1181 injured in acts of terrorism carried out by Gladio. An example of this is the terrorist attack that took place on the 2nd of August 1980, during which 85 people were killed and 200 injured in the waiting room of a train station in Bologna. In the series of “false flag” terrorist operations the perpetrators always manage to somehow evade the police…

We have also had false flag terror operations in Iraq. In September 2005 for example, in Basra, two members of British Special Forces, the SAS, were arrested by Iraqi police. The Iraqis were surprised to find out that the two Britons were dressed as Arabs, were wearing wigs and had a car full of explosives which they apparently planned to remotely detonate in the busy markets of Basra. It is therefore probable that the British, too, have carried out false flag operations. In this case the Iraqi police could not find out [whether] the British wanted to create terror and make it look [like] Arab terrorism. The reason is that the two SAS [members], who had been put [in] jail in Basra, were liberated by the British army, which stormed the Iraqi police station in Basra and simply flattened the walls with tanks and took the SAS home so they did not have to testify.

ACT FOUR: Oceania Always At War With EastAsia, CentralAsia, WestAsia…

The terror drama has become terror farce. Undie Bombs and Bags of Cash and Medals from the Joint Chiefs of Staff for the Tampa Twins, and String Quartets and mistresses for Generals. The comedy writes itself.

The Wars have come home. Operation Gladio B has come home. The Boston Marathon Bombers were embedded in the conspiracies of CIA spy Graham Fuller. Fuller was supporting Al Qaeda affiliates in Central Asia. And Fuller was part of the Iran-Contra Conspiracy.

This CIA spy helped create Al Qaeda gangs in Central Asia. Fuller was related by marriage to the Boston Marathon Bombers. The Tsardaev brothers seemed to be involved in all sorts of covert CIA operations.

Another CIA terror group, is the “Wolf Brigade”. It was created by other veterans of Iran-Contra.This secret ninja terror armies of General Petraeus are common knowledge. The weapons dealing, and drug dealing and secret assassins, of Ronald Reagan is now official United States policy. The Secret Government is controlled by the conspirators of Iran-Contra.

The elaborate Undie Bomb conspiracies are being replaced by the street violence. Why would emigrants from Dagestan to the USA, terrorize Boston? Why, maybe money, maybe threats against others, maybe they are convenient patsies. A muslim extremist in London murdered a British soldier. Why? One reason is mental illness. The captured suspect had been tortured in Kenya. Then he may have been forced to act as a “double agent”. People snap, even in the USA. A North Carolina Marine went berserk and murdered innocent people in a shooting spree. That is also terrorism to the victims. Right wing Christian terrorism is far more common than right wing Muslim terroism.

All of us pay for the wars, with money and blood. We are all victims of the wars. We are all victims of a form of Post Traumatic Stress. There are new traumas, day after day. We all are targeted. British spies threatened Muslims and their families. American spies help with this secret police brutality.

Desperate, low level thugs of the Intelligence Community are making more enemies. They need to fill their monthly Terrorist Quota.

Each of the five men, aged between 19 and 25, was warned that if he did not help the security services he would be considered a terror suspect…

“If you do not want anything to happen to your family you will co-operate.”…

“The MI5 agent said, ‘Mohamed if you do not work for us we will tell any foreign country you try to travel to that you are a suspected terrorist.'”

You have traumas, make trauma-ade. That is what the war profiteers do. For example, prominent war profiteers, Michael Sheehan and General John Allen, are encouraging long term investments in the Forever Wars.

Sheehan has been fighting and winning the war on terror for years. And he wanted to attack Al Qaeda before 9/11. But the bureaucrats were too timid.

“What’s it going to take to get them to hit al-Qaeda in Afghanistan? Does al-Qaeda have to hit the Pentagon?”

Yes, Al Qaeda does need to hit the Pentagon. Sheehan predicts twenty more years of war profits. War is forever and everywhere.

“In my judgment, this is going to go on for quite a while, yes, beyond the second term of the president…I think it’s at least 10 to 20 years,”…

“This is the most astounding and most astoundingly disturbing hearing that I’ve been to since I’ve been here, King, an independent said, “You guys have essentially rewritten the Constitution today,” King told four senior U.S. military officials who also testified.

It is astounding and disturbing according to Senator Angus King. Also, astounding and disturbing is the tragic story of General John Allen. The General’s dee cee press agents told us it was tragic. The General was commander of the Afghan War, for years. But much of the time, he was in Florida. He had time to exchange thousands of e-mails with the Tampa Twin, Jill Kelley. Jill had parties for all the important Generals. And he had time to help the other Twin, Natalie, in a nasty custody lawsuit.

General Allen has promised the wars will be “long” or forever, whichever comes first. The General failed to win the war himself.

Indeed, in an interview with CBS’ 60 Minutes, Gen. Allen disavowed the 2014 Lisbon Conference date for ending the war, saying “we’re actually going to be here for a long time” and that the troop levels beyond 2014 were yet to be decided.

Both General Allen and Sheehan have something in common. They have a generous pension. They have government subsidized Health Care which is better than most Americans have. They should lose those taxpayer benefits. They have betrayed the people and the Constitution.

Where is their apology to the American people? Where is their explanation for failures large and small? How much have they profited? The both should resign in disgrace. But in Dee Cee, Endless War for Empire is praised.

EPILOGUE: Revolution For The Hell Of It, Again

President Barack Obama has played this brilliantly. By attacking embedded reporters, he publicly brought the war home. Now the Dee Cee Press at least has to pretend that they are outraged. And they can pose as victims. They have victimized the American people with false narratives for twelve years. Will the formerly embedded lead us to the truth? We can dream.

And everyone is angry with everyone else. Accusations are flying, hearts are hardening, and the new battles are there for everyone to fight. How can we help? Just find a secret and disclose it. Or ridicule a Dee Cee War Pimp.

The more secrets to protect, the higher the cost to neo-cons and their National Security State. The many prosecutions against whistleblowers such as Bradley Manning is likely to cost hundreds of millions of dollars, maybe billions. Most of the secrets, are to protect criminals and corporations.

There are two cultures in the Homeland. And Homeland is such an ugly word. This is the United States with a Constitution. One culture, the Militarists, uses torture and lies and assassinations. The other culture, the Resistance, are American heroes.

Defend the truth tellers. As Abbie Hoffman would probably say, STEAL THESE SECRETS!