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Who Defines “Progressive”?

Who Defines “Progressive”?


In today’s local paper that is the conservative-oriended the Arizona Republic, Charles Babington, writing for the Associated Press, has his column published and titled, “GOP:  Draw voters in without irking base” effectively demonstrates that the Republican “rebranding” or new “messaging” Schematic is not going to work out for them while leading up to the next presidential voting cycle in 2016.  And should the GOP’s nominee eventually become Senator Marco Rubio ofFloridaor Senator Ted Cruz ofTexas, will only set the GOP back further, after having lost two elections to President Obama.

Further, with the Progressive Cause being set back on its heels due to President Obama being a formally recognized, by Hispanics at least, as a “camouflaged” Conservative Democrat, is not new, given that when Senator Obama was arriving onto the national political stage, he conveniently favored the AUMF, the Patriot Act, as well as the FISA Amendments.  And being a scholar on constitutional law, he could not bring himself to support a Declaration of War as part and parcel to addressing our “national security.” And this past behavior, exemplifiesAmerica’s predicament of today’s toxic politics when applied to our Native American and Hispanic mindset and furthermore, when any prudent analysis is undertaken relative to President Obama’s speech on his “national security” Schematic and which was originated in the Bush administration and continues to this day of a five-year Obama administration.  As such, a national apologetic, be damned.

Consequently, here at the Chicano Veterans Organization, we conducted our exit polling on Election Day of 2008, and found that here in metropolitanPhoenix,Arizona; he polled affirmatively at close to 85% of the Hispanic vote, as well as capturing 90% of Native American vote and 95% of the African American vote.  In sharp contrast, ‘traditional’ polling or more precisely, nationally polling efforts had the Hispanic vote pegged at 73 percent for Senator Obama…  And therein, is the “difference” that cannot be “etched” by the GOP and from the likes of Rubio and Cruz.

Consequently and like most national reporters, Charles Babington, did not make mention of this latest one-day spectacle that occurred here in theSonoranDesert.  And he, like most of his brethren in the Fourth Estate, ignored this past Friday’s release of a legal opinion by Federal Judge, Murray Snow, and where Snow found that the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office “guilty” of racially profiling Hispanics. And it’s to this legal ruling that the GOP has lost a generation of Hispanic voters, even should a new and eligible Hispanic voter consider adopting and adapting to any Republican effort for a less than stellar Ideology.  And expecting the Hispanic voter to jettison his or her “morals, values, and ethics” and which is the prevalent behavior for any Spanish-speaking community, is not going to happen any time soon. As such, a community-wide “peer pressure” construct has occurred, since 2005. In the meantime, the political operatives on the national political stage are fleecing their Republican high-dollar donors in their respective and overt efforts to ‘siphon’ any wayward Hispanic votes for there “constitutional” conservative cause, seems to be ridiculous, then, being a “fact free” Republican, is the angst of the day here in the Sonoran Desert.

And lest we all conveniently forget, in 2005, a young military veteran, at a rest stop on one ofArizona’s highways, at gun point, arrested a group of undocumented immigrants, and the “outrage” that followed, was Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s political epiphany.  With the new then, and now disbarredCountyAttorney, commenced his campaign against undocumented immigrants, and which brought about SB 1070 and HB2281.  This “outrage” was so great that even theCountySheriffinPimaCounty(Tucson) wanted to send his deputies into the public schools to check on the broken bicycles lights of these kids.  Eventually, his fellow Democrats dissuaded him not to.

Of course, Judge Snow’s verdict will be appealed, and the “state’s rights” dogma will be the premise of this appeal, given that ICE’s training required as per the 287(g) elements were ‘defective’ and this federalism precluded the State from utilizing its ability to craft a new training regimen more to its own liking.  Of course, the current CountyAttorneyknows full well that he will get slapped down by the 9th Court of Appeals, but hopefully for him and Sheriff Arpaio, they will have a conservative SCOTUS to rely on and for having to do this “heavy lifting.”   As such, a Legacy for racially profiling goes into the history books, no matter who the person is writing this history.



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