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March Against Monsanto – Salt Lake City

For me, Saturday’s event was worthwhile and fun, as I got to reunite with several Occupy folks whom I had not seen in a while, and also meet some new people who are in what seems to me to be an ever-expanding environmental movement. But the best part about Saturday’s March Against Monsanto was the fact that most of the people participating in the march and pre-march rally were young folks in their 20’s and 30’s. Although there were plenty of baby boomers like myself in attendance, the energy was coming from those young people, and you could feel their enthusiasm. There were a lot of young married couples, many with kids in tow. It was heartening to see them there. The awareness of the issues and the participation from these younger generations is what is most needed now to effect change, and it gives me some hope that the future is not completely lost.

Turnout was great, there were 500 or more at the rally, and probably half or more marched through the streets after the rally.P1030973

The first video is a speech about Agent Orange given by my friend and fellow VFP member Aaron, a ball of energy who lives and breathes anti-war, social justice and environmental issues. Aaron was involved with the organizing for the Salt Lake event; some months ago he got in contact with several local ladies who wanted to do this, they had a few face-to-face meetings, but the bulk of the correspondence and organizing work was done via face book. One of those ladies was Tami Canal, whom Aaron introduced me to on Saturday.

Tami is a modest, unassuming person who prefers not to be in the spotlight. She’s a top-notch organizer – she coordinated the tiniest details, scheduled the 5 speakers and three musical performers, the permits, and a myriad of other things – and it all went off without a hitch. Tami can be seen at the 2:11 minute mark in the channel 2 news clip  .

And only later that evening, did I find out from a link in an FDL diary, and from an article in the local newspaper, that Tami Canal was the organizer and sparkplug for the worldwide marches that took place on Saturday; but you would never know it from talking to her, she never did once mention her larger role in our conversation.


The second video is one I found just today as I was trying to upload my video, it shows of the march downtown that followed the rally. This video was superbly done by a group named Redcastle Productions. I don’t know them, but I’m definitely going to have to seek them out because they did such a great-looking job; I’m in awe at the quality of their video.

Please forgive the shakiness of the first video, it was a bit windy, and I was holding the camera in one hand and a sign (here and here) in the other.

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