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The best part of Obama’s war-on-terror speech …

… is this:

…I do not believe it would be constitutional for the government to target and kill any U.S. citizen…without due process…

[… one more sentence …]

That’s who Anwar Awlaki was — he was continuously trying to kill people.

Note that the U.S. Constitution does not simply guarantee “due process.” Rather, it guarantees “due process of law.” Clever, how Obama the “constitutional scholar,” and his Attorney General always leave that “of law” part out.

But the money line is “he was continuously trying to kill people.” What?? Who the fuck does Obama think he is, Tom Cruise in “Minority Report”? A degree in “constitutional law.” A “lecturer in constitutional law an University of Chicago.” And, he leaves off the “of law” part of due process.

Anwar Awlaki was in Yemen from 2004 ’til his death on 9/30/11. That’s more than enough time for a grand jury to indict him and for some sort of judicial review.

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