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Over Easy: Monday Science

Cute, eh?

We Win!


Happy Memorial Day to all! It is your civic duty to cook out or attend a cookout today. I shall be making use of an old family recipe, the one for burgers that’s on the side of the Lipton Onion Soup mix. They stole it from Mom, ya know.

At the Hanford nuclear mess, traces of fission byproducts are found in corrosion outside the tanks. Also plutonium.  Local officials are claiming they were lied to. It’s possible that fission has been occurring in those tanks.

Africa is building their wind generation capacity

Is this bogus or an elaborate hoax? If it’s on the level, it could take a big bite out of our energy needs and our carbon emissions. I’m skeptical.

This is no hoax, we’ve made a working nano-scale artificial leaf. Energy from photosynthesis, anyone?

Once again, the roaches have moved a step ahead of us.

Green algae eats bacteria. If you believe in evolution, speculate on that. If you thought “Gee, I wonder if we could find an algae that eats disease bacteria?”, go get that medical degree!

Bacteria can thrive at -15c. Speculate on Martian life, as these authors do. Me, I think there almost certainly was life there and I think there is life there now. We just have to dig deep enough.

They’ve found the itch! Once thought to be low level pain, the itch is now a sensation in it’s own right.

Everybody accepts dark matter and here’s some possible evidence for it. I can’t help thinking of epicycles. “These equations will balance if we just add this” “How do you know to add that?” “It’s the only way to make the equations balance”

Meet the elements! This time it’s actinium (how many have ever even heard of it?), at the bottom are links to the elements they’ve done before. Don’t be shocked to see links to future stories in this series. Golly, I’m such a geek.

How to read rolled up scrolls! There are many, many ancient scrolls that would disintegrate if unrolled, now they will be safely readable. Archeology magazine will be really interesting starting a year or so from now.

Interview with one of the team who filmed the giant squid and how they did it. 8 minutes or so video.

Boxturtle (If it’s sunny, yardwork. If it’s rainy, clean the basement. Some holiday)


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