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Sunday Food: Whipped Cream Pie

Whipped cream pie

(Picture courtesy of seniwati at

The search for something to do different with a carton of heavy cream introduced me to this lovely little easy sweet.   To my surprise, along the way I discovered that the use of heavy cream was unknown to some people.

What comes in a small milk carton in the store, labeled heavy cream, can be whipped.   From that we get whipped cream, for those new to the concept.  Of course, nowhere would you have learned that if no one had taught you.   If I had never visited friends in England, I wouldn’t know about extra thick thick cream.   Now there’s a wonderful product.

For those who’ve never done it, the way to make whipped cream is to beat the heavy cream on a high speed for several minutes, until it stiffens.   When the cream forms peaks when lifted with a knife, it’s ready to work with.   You can add some vanilla and confectioners’ sugar, but it’s good as it is.\

The recipe of choice, that I used, was Recipe of the Year 1887, from White House Cook Book by Fanny Lemira Gillette.   That was irresistible.

The recipe is simple.

Make a pie crust.    I however, bought one, made of shortbread.

Fill it with jam.   I used a jar of blueberry spread, all fruit and fruit juice.

Cover with whipped cream.    That I did.

The result is light, easy to make, and recommended for hot weather.   In the 1887 recipe, you’re told to put the cream in as cool a place as possible.   There wouldn’t have been a refrigerator in most kitchens back in those days, there might be a ‘spring house’ nearby for keeping things from spoiling.

A spring house was common to farms and estates in 1887, usually a rock storage house where a spring came out of the ground, and was cool water.

(Picture below courtesy of Windyfrg at wikipedia commons.)

Spring House

Sugar Loaf Farm, Staunton. Virginia, keeps its spring house.


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