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Tom Tancredo Announces Run for Colorado Governor

Rep. Tom Tancredo

It looks like Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper (D) may continue to hold the title of the luckiest man in American politicians. This morning Tom Tancredo announced that he run for governor in 2014 as a Republican. From Fox 31:

Former U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo announced over the radio waves Thursday morning that he will seek the GOP nomination for Colorado Governor in 2014. Then he took to Facebook with a simple challenge to anyone who might stand in his way.

“Game on,” he wrote.

Talking about his decision to run on KHOW’s Peter Boyles show, Tancredo called Gov. John Hickenlooper’s decision to grant a temporary reprieve on the scheduled execution of convicted Chuck E. Cheese killer Nathan Dunlap “the last straw.”

Tancredo ran for governor in 2010 on the American Constitution Party after a scandal caused the Republican Party to end up nominating the truly bizarre candidate Dan Maes. In that last race Hickenlooper won 51 percent of the vote, Tancredo got 36 percent and Maes ended up with just 11 percent.

Tancredo’s hard-right position on several issues should make it very difficult for him to win in a general election, but his base of support among conservatives and high name recognition means he should be a real force in what looks like a crowded Republican primary. Hickenlooper will either face Tancredo in the general election or another Republican who will probably first need to tack right to win an expensive primary.

Either way, this announcement appears to be good news for Democrats.

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Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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