Thursday Night Basset Blogging (Updated)

I put this up early as a friendly refuge for those who don’t want to deal with folks who have an Obama hatehammer and every problem is an Obamanail. Of course, someone will be along soon enough to complain about my having purebred dogs  (JUST LIKE OBAMA!) and why do I hate rescue dogs and also there are so many other dogs that need homes. And cats. Why do I not have cats!? Also, too: meat is murder.

It’s really amazing how far I have gotten in life by not living up to the standards of every single other person on the planet….

(Updated) tejanarusa tells a sad story about a Great Pyrenees who recently passed away following sedation which is, interestingly, related to the reason for my little rant about dogs above.

Several months ago I was walking the dogs past a bar in Ocean Beach (on the way to get their nails done) and, as we passed a bench where a middle-aged couple sat  smoking,  the lady yelled out after me that I was an “irresponsible dog owner” because Wembley has not been neutered. I could have gone back and explained to her that Wembley suffers from epilepsy and sedating him is risky and that we don’t feel it is worth the risk to lose him over elective surgery; particularly on a dog who is never off a leash when he is outside. But I didn’t. Because it was none of her fucking business and she didn’t deserve an explanation that probably would have included me telling her that I sure appreciated health and care advice from a middle-aged woman sucking hard on a cigarette …. because I can be unpleasant that way.

Things undoubtedly would have gone downhill from there, so I turned the other cheek because I’m like Jesus that way too…

End of humorous anecdote.

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