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For umpteenth time, Eugene Delgaudio feels let down by supporters “for the first time ever”

Poor Eugene Delgaudio.  It’s hard out there for an anti-gay campaigner with a million-dollar annual budget.  This fundraising e-mail, which literally goes on for pages beyond what I’ve reproduced here, is the sixth I’ve received since early 2011 in which Mr. Delgaudio pitifully claims:

For the first time ever, I feel as if my pro-Family supporters are letting me down.

Dear ,

It’s hard to write you this.

My office is in trouble. And I need your help.

I have been working overtime fighting against the radical Homosexual Lobby.

Today, I’m worried.

Despite passing Thought Control and repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, the radical Homosexual Lobby is drooling for more in the new Congress.

So along with a new Congress, they have adopted new tactics.

I see well-known agents of the radical Homosexual Lobby everywhere. They are huddled in dark corners scheming and plotting. They meet secretly with newly elected members of Congress in hopes of tempting them to advance their perverse agenda with campaign cash and the promise of votes.

This, in spite of the fact that the Republican majority in the House was preserved in large part by pro-Family Americans turning out to the polls in record numbers.

Together, we beat the Gay Bill of Special Rights and Homosexual Classrooms Act in 2012, but we had to spend everything to do it.

The Homosexual Lobby knows this, and they know as well as you or I that if we can’t finance ourselves, we won’t be able to stand up to them in the future.

We haven’t seen the last of the Gay Bill of Special Rights either. Mark my words.

And the new Congress brings greater threats than ever before, I am in trouble

This is a painful email for me to write.

For the first time ever, I feel as if my pro-Family supporters are letting me down.

I have prayed about this matter. I am sure that I am doing what is right.

It is our duty as decent God-believing adults to fight against the tyranny and immorality of the radical Homosexual Lobby. But many good Christian supporters aren’t coming through.

Won’t someone think of poor Eugene?

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Laurel Ramseyer

Laurel Ramseyer