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Oklahoma Tornadoes and building codes

If the Oklahoma wants federal money to rebuild we must insist that every home be rebuilt with a basement and schools, hospitals etc must be rebuilt to withstand the strongest tornadoes.

If free market types don’t like it then we should not be forced to keep paying to rebuild towns in tornado alley. I also think the same should apply to homes on flood planes I see a lot of homes being built on stilts in the future or away from flood planes.

The same goes for hurricane areas if the GOP argues its to costly then the GOP can keep paying and Blue States should be allowed to build homes up to new federal building code standards based on these ideas.

We only need to do this for new homes and homes that are being rebuilt in time the older homes will likely be destroyed in time if they don’t retrofit themselves or vote for Dems who would support tax payer funds to relocate or upgrade their homes.




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