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Over Easy: Monday Science

Cute, eh?

Moving to your neighborhood


X class solar flare May 15 that missed us. However, the active area has now come around the sun and is facing earth. For the next several days, anything that sunspot spits out will hit us. And it’s been generating a LOT of M-Class activity.

The giant snails I posted about awhile back are meningitis carriers. They’re in Texas this time.

I learned this morning that there is a dengue fever vaccine in limited trials.  Dengue fever is a horrible disease, also called break bone fever, that has become endemic in Texas and is moving north. H/T to Marion in Savannah.

The volcanoes of Io. Yet nobody really noticed the most powerful 20th century eruption of an Earth volcano. And that eruption will be nothing if Yellowstone erupts. But don’t worry, odds are global warming or Fukushima will get us long before that.

When I first snagged this story about the Fukushima radiation path, there were no comments. Please check out the comments before making your decision as to the value of this story. They story suggests that the center of the averaged radiation plume is traveling toward America at 40 degrees latitude.

Here’s another radioactive close call, Germany darn near lost HAMBURG to a burning ship full of radioactives. Said shipments will continue, no prior notice shall be given of such ship arriving. Just go about your business, citizens.

Here in the United States, you must get a parade permit to move Nuclear waste. That’s it. I guess an Occupy parade is every bit as dangerous as Hanford waste.

97% of over 4000 studies conclude that human activity is causing global warming. It’s reached scientific concurrence, except in Congress. Even the 1% believes it now, they just want to prevent us from doing anything about it that will cost them money.

Kepler probe is in trouble. This is the planet hunting probe. Unclear if they can recover it, but it’s already spat out enough data to keep current researchers busy for the rest of their lives. But if it dies, we should send out another.

Ultimate light absorbing material from the black part of a vipers skin? Once again, nature will give us hints if we don’t kill the hints first.

Magnetic nanoscavengers  for water purification.  The magnetism has nothing to do with the purification, but enables them to easily recover and reuse the nanoparticles. This now becomes practical.

Honeybees trained to find landmines. Waiting for honeybees to be declared a North Korean military asset and targeted by drones. Okay, it’s not a great pun but it was there and I had to use it.

Billion year old water found, with much speculation as to what might be in that water.

First results from the New South African radio telescope. While they refer to Cygnus x-1 as a neutron star, Stephen Hawking believes it to be a black hole strongly enough that he paid off his bet that it wasn’t.

The squid appear to be on vacation, so I’ve asked the Glass Octopus to fill in.

Boxturtle (Stupid dog is eating Junebugs and barfing up the shells. Any suggestions?)


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