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Hi, y’all.

A basket of green and purple kohlrabi.

What do you do with outer space cabbages (a.k.a. kohlrabi)?

“Talk Show Subway Car” is the latest sketch by New York City prank collective Improv Everywhere:

For our latest mission, we converted a New York City subway car into a late night talk show set. Host Pat Cassels (CollegeHumor) interviewed random commuters from his desk as bandleader Evan Gregory (The Gregory Brothers) kept the car rocking.

Enjoy the video first and then go behind the scenes with our mission report and photos below.

The full report is worth a look to see just how far this crew went in creating a TV show set in a moving subway car.

Of course, my favorite ever Improv Everywhere sketch is “No Shirts,” where over a hundred men of all ages and body shapes invaded an Abercrombie & Fitch with their shirts off.

Our garden is growing beautifully, with handfuls of tomatoes and herbs for harvest every day. Pumpkin sprouts just came up over the last 24 hours. We’ve added 3-4 new garden beds just since the season started, slowly converting more of the yard into productive space.

But we’re also customers of Texas Farmhouse, a community-supported agriculture business which sends us produce from several local farms every other week. We sometimes get vegetables I’d never buy like fennel and kohlrabi. I’m still working on using both, but today made progress on the latter with this recipe for apple and kohlrabi slaw from A Veggie Venture. I substituted lime juice for lemon, and soy milk (since we only buy milk or cream for specific recipes), and added some fresh dill. Yum.

Since I was cooking all the things, I also finished off the last of the garden carrots in a decadent carrot gratin recipe from Fine Cooking, which used up some smoked sharp cheddar I had in the fridge.

Moving away from food, if you’re anything like me you would love to attend this stage production of Princess Mononoke using puppets made from recycled parts. From Crunchyroll:

In cooperation with Studio Ghibli, the Whole Hog Theatre presented the world’s first theatrical staging of Hayao Miyazaki’s renowned animated film Princess Mononoke at London’s New Diorama in sold out shows April 2-6th. Today, they shared a series of photos of the production, which retold the ecological fable using giant puppets made from recycled material.


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Tell me about your favorite weird looking foods and how you cook them. You can talk about anything in the comments.

Photo by La Grande Farmers’ Market, released under a Creative Commons license.

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