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Global March Against Monsanto on May 25, 2013 plus GMO Breaking News

Last week Colorado Public Television 12 aired Gary Null’s ‘Seeds of Death: Unveiling the Lies of GMOs’.  I’d transcribed some parts of it before I found this abbreviated version, so some of what I’ve written below will be redundant.  Hope you figure that sometimes ‘twice is nice’, even if it’s…‘twice as horrid’ in this case.

The new scientific discoveries concerning the process of ingesting GMO foods, and the effects of exogenous micro RNA’s on organ function were explained more fully in the full-length version, but the short versions here are still helpful.  Null should have made the complete documentary available on youtube, imo, but that’s a whole ‘nother subject. 

(As an aside: This post describes the amendment to the 2013 Agricultural Appropriations bill that they are calling the ‘Monsanto Protection Act’.  Barring a major citizen pushback, it will be included in next year’s full appropriation bill.) 

Unfortunately, the full length version was aired on a station pledge drive night, so you have to scoot the Advance Bar forward 25 or 30 minutes a couple times.  But it’s worth it; different speakers explain the science of crop gene-splicing better than others I’ve seen yet; most especially at about 1:40 forward.  Bruce Lipton explains why human behavior is deep into creating the Sixth Mass Extinction on Earth.   Truly comprehending that vast amounts of farmland soil are being systematically ruined by killing the beneficial micro-organisms that allow plant roots to uptake soil nutrients is depressing as hell.  Plants weaken, thus are far less resistant to disease.  In addition, no one knows how long, or even if, the soil can be brought back to health.  Consider also how much herbicide will have leached into the soil, and into aquifers and will have run off into rivers and lakes.   

The experts interviewd explain that the unintended consequences of jamming foreign genes into a plant’s DNA has unpredictable result, and can cause different genes to switch on and off in rather willy-nilly manner.  This, they say, can create great confusion in the chemical reactions in an organism (accompanied by great graphics) are both fascinating and horrific.  The disruption to the DNA structure can lead to imbalances in gene functions, resulting in the potential for creating novel toxins and allergens.  Think how many of us are increasingly allergic or sensitive to different pollens and foods; the answer might be found with GMO food consumption.  Consider also what it means that most of us now have Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) zombie corn in our guts; little factories creating our very own bug killers, and how radically that may be affecting the largely beneficial bacteria in our digestive systems. 

And that fact is made more obscene when we learn that even corn larvae are adapting to that innovative, high tech, world-saving genetic modification!  Oopsie; foiled by Mother Nature again; and cotton, too?  Well, garsh, Mickey; the only answer is to use more, and better, insecticides, of course.  (I hope I’ve gotten this stuff mostly right; it’s not my line.)

You can watch Mike Adams of Natural News explain more about the new discoveries concerning consuming GMO crops and how organ functions can be altered by micro RNA here.

In addition to the more common gene splicing, at about 1:44, Bruce Lipton explains that the study of Epigenetics has found a class of molecule called ‘micro RNA’s’, and when they are spliced in, ‘when we eat RNA-tweaked food, the micro RNA is picked up by our digestive systems and not broken down, and they end up in our cells; they our genetics, and change the readout of our genome.  We’re eating a class of micro RNAs that have never been in the world before.’  The process is irreversible.  ‘They change the actual beneficial gut bacteria that help immune responses, and alter the genetics of our own cells.’  Gosh, wouldn’t you be proud of patenting these genes, hiding the fact on labels, and killing massive amounts of soil, water, reproductive and other endocrine health in animals, fish, rats, insects and humans just for the fun and profit of controlling the world’s food supply? 

You can read Isabella Kenfield’s post about Revolving Door Monsanto Maestro Michael Taylor at Counterpunch here.  He is Deputy Commissioner for Foods at the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  Taylor is featured in the documentaries The Future of Food and The World According to Monsanto as a pertinent example since he is a lawyer who has spent the last few decades moving between Monsanto and the FDA and USDA.

If you’re looking for more damning evidence of Monsanto and other GMO failures, lies and insane risks, here is ‘GMO Crop Likely Tipping Point: Obama USDA to Fast-Track Zombie Crops and Okay Agent Orange 2,4-D Resistant Crops’.  The terrifying video on the long-term French study on the effects of three RoundUp-ready maize varieties on rats can be seen here.  Warning: the tumors the rats developed are hideous to see.

Now, I’ll get to the May 25 global actions against Monsanto at the end, but first, there have been a few interesting related developments.  On May 12, the ever classy corporate shill Cass Sunstein, writing at Bloomberg News, had this helpful advice for legislators: ‘Don’t Mandate Labeling for Gene-Altered Foods’.  You may get a boot out of his crap reasoning and lies, as in “there is a risk that a compulsory label for GM food would confuse, mislead and alarm consumers, potentially causing economic harm, not least to consumers themselves”, and anyway ya idiots, you’re eating a whale of a lot of them already.  (Thank you, and may your hair and teeth fall out tonight, Cass.)  But clearly the timing of his piece was in his puppet masters’ reactions to a few recent pieces in the news. 

One was the introduction of H.R. 1699 on April 24: Genetically Engineered Food Right-to-Know Act introduced by Peter DeFazio (D-OR) and Jared Polis (D-CO).


(The) legislation that would require the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to clearly label genetically engineered (GE) foods so that consumers can make informed choices about what they eat. This bill was also introduced in the U.S. Senate by Senators Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK).

“Despite the prevalence of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in grocery stores and prepared foods, it remains difficult if not impossible for consumers to determine if the foods they eat contain GMOs,” Representative Polis said. “This labeling bill is about empowering consumers: consumers can choose to eat or not eat GMOs, or to pay more or less for GMOs. I believe consumers have a right to know what they are eating so they can make their own informed food choices. I am proud to be working toward more informative food labels.” [snip]

According to surveys, more than 90 percent of Americans support the labeling of genetically engineered foods. In fact, many consumers are surprised to learn that GE foods are not already labeled. Currently, the FDA requires the labeling of over 3,000 ingredients, additives and processes, but the agency has resisted labels for genetically modified foods. In a 1992 policy statement, the FDA allowed GE foods to be marketed without labeling, claiming that these foods were not “materially” different from other foods because the genetic differences could not be recognized by taste, smell or other senses. [snip]

More than one and a half million Americans have filed comments with the FDA urging the agency to label GE foods. The bipartisan legislation introduced today would require clear labels for genetically engineered whole foods and processed foods, including fish and seafood. The measure would direct the FDA to write new labeling standards that are consistent with U.S. labeling standards and international standards. Sixty-four countries around the world already require the labeling of GE foods, including all the member nations of the European Union, Russia, Japan, China, Australia and New Zealand.

The second item was that Wenonah Hunter’s expose was published on May 14: Monsanto and other GM firms are winning in the US – and globally: The US State Department has sadly joined the push to distribute GM crops around the world, whether people want them or not’.  She heads Food and Water Watch, and their group issued a report after analyzing over 900 Wikileaked State Department cables, and discovered just how far ‘the Biotech Ambassadors’ had gone in promoting GMO seeds around the world in their ‘global agenda’ between 2005 and 2009  As you read, please imagine how much further they will have gone by now, given the high monetary stakes of both the nearly complete evil TPP trade agreement, that would force signatory nations to accept biotech imports with no recourse under the law to seek damages, commercialize biotech crops and prevent the labeling of GM foods.  No language has apparently been leaked on the looming Transatlantic EU one; more about that in a moment.  From Hunter, after she spells out some specifics on the cables:

Monsanto was a great beneficiary of the State Department’s taxpayer-funded diplomacy, helping pave the way for the cultivation of its seeds abroad: the company appeared in 6.1% of the biotech cables analyzed between 2005 and 2009 from 21 countries. The embassy in South Africa even informed Monsanto and Pioneer about two recently vacated positions in the agency that provided biotech oversight, suggesting that the companies advance “qualified applicants” to fill the position. Some embassies even attempted to facilitate favorable outcomes for intellectual property law and patent issues that would benefit the company.

The cables also show extensive lobbying against in-country efforts to require labeling of GM foods. In 2008, the Hong Kong consulate “played a key role” in convincing regulators to abandon a proposed mandatory labeling requirement. One in eight cables from 42 nations between 2005 and 2009 addressed biotech-labeling requirements.

The vast influence that Monsanto and the biotech seed industry have on our foreign affairs is just one tentacle of a beast comprised by a handful of huge corporations who wield enormous power over most food policy in the United States. Thanks, Monsanto. And thanks, State Department. Not only are you selling seeds, you’re selling out democracy.

Heidi Moore, writing at the Guardian on May 15 also, speculates that given GMO resistance in many EU member nations, the provisions over zombie food could actually improve food grown, processed, and labeled in the US:

The sheer dollar value of a trade agreement – think of all those lovely dollars that we could use to boost our anemic GDP – means that the EU has financial clout in the US.

In fact, the EU has enough clout to finally convince the US government to clean up America’s food supply, long given over to factory farming and the economic demands of agribusiness. If America wants to export more beef, chicken and crops to the European Union, it will have to make better products. The EU won’t stand for the ones we’re peddling now.

The EU looks down on American food safety and production practices, and with good reason. American meat production is heavily reliant on chemicals, from hormones to chlorine-bleach baths, and European officials and consumers largely reject these treatments and standards.

In the US, Big Agriculture calls the shots; the European Union argues that it shouldn’t. A trade deal would be the testing ground for a battle over food standards to play out.

From Moore’s keyboard to the goddess’s ears, but do stay tuned to those coming negotiations.  And remember, at the head of Commerce soon will be: tada!  Penny Pritzker!

Also interesting was that on May 10, 2013, another Bloomberg piece reported that:  Monsanto, Dow Crops Face Delays as U.S. Boosts Scrutiny’. It’s no special victory given the details, but may indicate that the public has made enough outcry to the crap environmental assessments (not product studies) that were done on 2,4-D resistant crops.  You remember, the Agent Orange ones that were developed because the RoundUp ready ones only caused weeds to adapt, not die.  So, the USDA is at least tinkering a tiny bit with the fast-tracking.

Zo; onward to the global resistance to Monsanto marches:  Anonymous stuck up a #OpMonsanto video call to all Anons that you can see here; the text at is here.  Global

#MarchAgainstMonsanto events can be found here.  Amanda Wentworth at has helpfully provided information on Monsanto’s Dirty Dozen products ahead of the global anti-Monsanto marches to provide participants with the facts about their ‘inventions’ that have proven so ghastly to human and planetary health.

If you do any social networking, paste any of this info onto your pages and encourage others to share it widely.  Supportive calls and emails for HR 1699 actually might help; and make sure you get live probiotics (as many strains as possible) into your system a few times a week.  If the freeze-dried ones are live, you can use a couple capsules to make a quart of yogurt overnight in the oven with just the light as a heat source.  Loads of instructions are available online.

Refuse to become a further Genetically Modified Person or Zombie Sheep Cousin!  We’ll figure out how to unwind the existing damages if we can; but for now: say no, and say it any way that’s open to you!


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