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Getting used to the future: Why I’m going camping this weekend

Consider this message in your inbox to be like a vacation e-mail response.  “I’m going camping this weekend — roughing it, so to speak.  No electricity.  No automobiles.  No computers!  No heating and cooling units, no public library, no TV and no Berkeley Bowl Marketplace for food.”

Just me and a tent and the great outdoors, up on the Tuolumne River.

Will I survive?  Given my low-level camping skills, the answer to that question might actually be “no”.

But going camping occasionally is always a good idea.  It makes us more grateful for the soft life we now live down in the cities.  And it should also make us appropriately angry that our greedy, stupid and immoral leaders have systematically squandered the incredible wealth of our national cornucopia on unnecessary, stupid, immoral and endless wars.

Happy Memorial Day — although it looks like no one in America seems to remember what our thousands and thousands of heroic dead soldiers should have been fighting for but were not — the right for ALL Americans to have a future that doesn’t involve living in tents.

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Jane Stillwater

Jane Stillwater

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