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Late Night: Is Andy Parrish Michele Bachmann’s Banshee?

Well, lookiee here:

The FBI has contacted two former staffers of U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann’s presidential campaign, adding to the swirl of federal and state investigations looking into alleged financial improprieties by top officials in the campaign.

Is that a banshee’s wail I hear?

See, until fairly recently, Andy Parrish was as loyal to Michele Bachmann as a Republican can be loyal to anything outside of the Almighty Dollar. For him to cooperate in this way with the authorities makes me think that there’s got to be something big and juicy here — and I’m guessing that once they get that particular big-and-juicy thing nailed down, they want to build a bridge from that thing to some other big-and-juicy things: Frank Vennes and Tom Petters.

Now that Parrish is talking to the FBI (and did you notice his lawyer is Classy John Gilmore, who’s suing the City of Minneapolis for $10 million for arresting him for being a drunken bigoted asshole to two Muslim women and their pedicabbie friend?), I think I know one reason why Bachmann’s decided to start running campaign ads nearly eighteen months before the next election.

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