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This IRS thing doesn’t pass the smell test.

Qui bono?

The MSM Story starts – “The IRS apologizes?” Then jumps to crocodile tear-ville how UNFAIR – to target groups, because they had “Tea Party” or “PATRIOT” in their name, why its almost COMMUNISTIC! Then the small minds get out the knives and start carving up democrats.

I wondered why nobody was asking the obvious questions? Who, and where and why. And this little question. What bureaucratic organization at the height of today’s partisanship stops to throw some glass on the road ahead?

Who:  Lois Lerner, director of the Internal Revenue Service’s Exempt Organizations Division, “accidentally” (while referring to notes) [with three IRS press aides in tow] responded to a question (which raised eyebrows) Cecila Roady was reportedly “surprised at getting an answer?”

from Reuters – “The question itself came from a long-time professional colleague of Lerner’s, Celia Roady, a Washington tax lawyer at the firm of Morgan Lewis who served on the agency’s Advisory Committee on Tax-Exempt and Government Entities for a two year term starting in 2010 and has attended numerous professional conferences with Lerner.

In a brief telephone interview Monday, Roady said she was “as stunned as anybody to get a response” to her question.

But she declined to comment when asked how it was she happened to ask the question in the first place, referring Reuters to the IRS, which also declined to elaborate.”

“HOT AIR” a conservative blog reports – “Not exactly a question out of the blue — Capitol Hill sources described the question as “planted” and say the IRS has informally admitted as much.”

This curious Kabuki press-BOMB was explained this way, by appropriately embedded corporatists – “On Monday, an agency statement said the IRS specifically wanted to reveal the information in that forum because it knew a report from the IRS Inspector General was about to be released.

She wanted to scoop the Inspector General’s Report – pray tell why?

It continues –The ABA Tax Section conference was an important meeting for a key part of the Exempt Organization community” and it was “important” for members to “hear first-hand that we made mistakes in handling the process.

Lois Lerner, Director of the IRS’s Exempt Organizations office: “Instead of referring to the cases as advocacy cases, they actually used case names on this list. They used names like Tea Party or Patriots and they selected cases simply because the applications had those names in the title. That was wrong, that was absolutely incorrect, insensitive, and inappropriate “

So in sum, what we have is a planted question, engineered by two people who knew exactly what this would mean to the administration when they staged their Q&A Charade, planting their political landmine. They knew it would result in a BIG PASS for Conservative “NOT-FOR-PROFITS. And secondarily add fuel and fools to the media narrative on the LEFTIST OBAMA Administration’s incompetence.

This essay, is in no way, a defense of the myriad sins of the OBAMA (faux-democrats). But merely to suggest that this is typical rightwing mugging and surprise MSM has been snookered again. Thanks again to the Rovian – flacks and long hidden republican moles sitting pretty who are prepared to strip-mine, the public good strangle government and lob their fratricidal memes into the political narrative.

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