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Mount Everest from space via NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center at

The usual cheerleaders are out to sing the blessings of increased levels of carbon monoxide:

“The Earth has had many-times-higher levels of CO2 in the past,” said Marc Morano, former spokesman for Republican Senator James Inhofe and executive editor of Climate Depot,
a blog that posts articles skeptical of climate change. “Americans
should welcome the 400 parts-per-million threshold. This means that
plants are going to be happy, and this means that global-warming
fearmongers are going to be proven wrong.”

Marc Morano, the 21st Century’s Lysenko, here to encourage as much pollution as a smokestack can bellow.

Meanwhile, in reality:

For years, scientists have worried about the impact of climate change in
the invaluable Himalayan region. Recent research seems to confirm
worries that a warming world is melting one of Earth’s most iconic, not
to mention tallest, summits: Mount Everest.

Of course, the elimination of glaciers in the Himalayas is no big deal — they are only the predominant source of fresh water for about one in every four people in the world.

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