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Ohio’s Republicans are busy trying to change laws so that out-of-state college students that vote in Ohio must be charged reduced, “in-state” tuition if the university they attend gives them a letter that informs the local Board of Elections that they have been residents of Ohio for the minimum 30 days required by law to vote in Ohio.

Republicans do suck, but I don’t care today…I’m a Grandpa!

Tabitha Morgan Crim arrived on this planet on May 15. She was well within legal limits at 6 lbs. 11 oz. and 19 inches tall. I hope someday to meet her in person, but, as someone said to me last night, “You should be able to jump up and down celebrating,” so I’ve decided to jump up and down and celebrate.

TMC’s mother and I aren’t speaking, but my daughter’s Facebook page says TMC is doing fine.

I am a grandfather! I, Bill Devol, am some baby’s grandpa, and I think she may be the finest grandchild ever born. From the one picture I’ve seen, Tabitha obviously got her grandfather’s smoking good looks and massive intelligence…and apparently, even at three days old, authorities have felt the need to put the child in some kind of a straight jacket that restrains her hands…does she know karate already?…who cares?

Did I mention that I have a granddaughter?

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