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Late Night: Marriage Equality and Pilgrims’ Progresses in Minnesota

This past Tuesday, on the day of Minnesota’s joining the growing number of Marriage Equality states, Sally Jo Sorensen shared a photo of Tom Peterson’s at this link (which also appears in this post) and included these comments:

Since a least one member of the state’s New Apostolic Reformation prayer warrior teams warned that John Bunyan and the Jolly Green Giant might be representations of Old Testament giants, the depiction of the two getting gay married just might make Mary Kiffmeyer, Dan Severson and Sean Nienow’s heads explode.

Understandable typo, in that we Minnesota Pilgrims have certainly made some progress over the past year. Remember, at this time last year the Marriage and Voter Restriction Amendments both led in the polls, and by leads that certain would-be Serious Thinkers thought insurmountable. But pilgrims like Sally Jo Sorensen ignored the Serious Thinkers and won the day.

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