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It’s Cartoon Friday, again!

My spoon is too big!

Don Hertzfeldt at work at a drawing desk

Don Hertzfeldt at work

For those who have watched, this simple phrase will immediately bring to mind Rejected, Don Hertzfeldt’s Oscar winning short cartoon film. Taking the form of a series of short promo cartoons supposedly created for cable networks, each succeeding segment gets weirder and more disturbed. This cartoon continues to be influential today, as Wikipedia notes:

Rejected has a cult following and has grown into a pop culture icon that is frequently quoted or referenced. In 2009, it was the only short film named as one of the “Films of the Decade” by In 2010, it was noted as one of the five “most innovative animated films of the past ten years” by The Huffington Post.[4]

Hertzfeldt’s almost childish style combined with absurdist, edgy content has made him a top name in animation and a major influence on modern cartoons, particularly the kind of shows one sees on Adult Swim and its relatives. As Ad Week points out, his outspoken hatred of the advertising industry meant it was only a matter of time before they ripped him off for Pop-Tarts.

What are your favorite cartoons? If I can, I’ll use your suggestions in future installments.


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Photo from Wikimedia Commons, released under a Creative Commons Share Alike license.

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