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VA Gov: Terry McAuliffe Has Small Lead Over Ken Cuccinelli

Terry McAuliffe

While the Virginia gubernatorial contest remains close, new polling shows Democrat Terry McAuliffe with an edge over Republican LT Gov. Ken Cuccinelli. A new Quinnipiac poll has McAuliffe at 43 percent among registered voter and Cuccinelli at 38 percent. McAuliffe’s standing in the poll has improved modestly since March when the same poll found Cuccinelli with a two point lead.

It is still early in the race and the contest remains fluid. Both candidates technically have slightly positive favorability ratings, but that could easily change. Neither candidate’s very well known and a very large share of the electorate has yet to form an opinion about the candidates. The poll found 60 percent haven’t heard enough about McAuliffe to form an opinion about him while 42 percent say they don’t know enough about Cuccinelli.

A recent Marist poll also found McAuliffe with a small lead among register voters, but had Cuccinelli slightly ahead among likely voters when leaners were included.

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Jon Walker

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