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To Those Who Have Supported My Coverage of Bradley Manning’s Court Martial (So Far)

Pfc. Bradley Manning has been enduring a court-martial for well over a year now and in that time I have been covering the proceedings at Fort Meade extensively. That coverage has been possible because of you.

Every dollar donated to help fund coverage of Bradley Manning has helped transform me into a foremost journalist on one of the biggest cases in military justice history.

Every post of mine shared on Facebook or Twitter has helped amplify critical coverage that is keeping the world informed of how the government is prosecuting Manning as if he is a traitor that aided terrorists.

Every interview you have had others listen to or watch has given Firedoglake and the work I have been doing more notoriety.

And, every comment you have left on my live blogs of proceedings or on reports from Meade, where you thank me for my work or engage in discussion about the case, has been additional encouragement.

With the United States military and government still intending to take Manning’s case to trial on June 3, despite the fact that he pled guilty to some offenses, it will continue to be vital to have your support.

I hope you will keep sharing my reporting with family, friends or those in your social network, and, when possible, make donations so I can remain a fixture in the press pool at Meade and keep up my coverage of the Manning case.

With gratitude,

Kevin Gosztola Journalist

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To Those Who Have Supported My Coverage of Bradley Manning’s Court Martial (So Far)

Kevin Gosztola

Kevin Gosztola

Kevin Gosztola is managing editor of Shadowproof Press. He also produces and co-hosts the weekly podcast, "Unauthorized Disclosure."