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Over Easy: Monday…er, Wednesday Science

I'll buy iut for you just to see you eat it

You can make Ice Cream from Squid Ink. But why would you?


Well, that was fun! A failed disk drive at FDL’s web host creamed everything until Tuesday night. So we’re going with my normal Monday post today and we’ll return to normal tomorrow.  STOP SNICKERING, DAMMIT!!! Normal is a relative state.

Got chronic back pain? Me, too. This is big news. If you’re a democrat, imagine how much pain and suffering this could fix. If you’re a republican, imagine how much money you could direct to your campaign contributors from the Medicaid savings.

Something we never talk about in polite society, the importance of intestinal bacteria. Got intestinal problems, maybe started after a big dose of antibiotics? Maybe you need a fecal transplant. Not sure exactly what to make of this, but this man is considered a “Universal Donor” for quality feces. Wonder how much a load of crap costs nowadays…

Cocaine vaccine passes key trial. The intent is to use it to help those who cannot break their habit, but want to. If I were paranoid, I’d wonder how long before it’s added to the required for school vaccines.

Remember the Hanford Radioactive waste dump? It’s the biggest mess our government has admitted to so far and it’s debatable if they’ve admitted all they know. Well, we’ve got leaking tanks of some of the worst stuff in existence. And the odds are strong that all the tanks will be leaking soon, they’re well past the end of their planned life. Well, the plan has been to take the sludge in the tanks, vitrify it, then store the glass. They’ve built a plant to do that. Except that the design of the plant may create the conditions for recriticality. It may be time for Plan B.

On the subject of the other underreported nuclear issue, TEPCO is going to begin dumping radioactive groundwater back into the ocean as long is the radioactivity level is the same as the rivers in the plant area. Well, the rivers are already running crap, so what’s one more river? That much more radioactivity that we have already trapped! Guess what? Its not considered dumping under treaty because it’s coming from land not a ship! And that part of the treaty isn’t legally binding anyway. And what if the groundwater is part of what’s cooling the corium?

The International Space Station is converting from WinXP to Linux. Take that, Microsoft!

Meanwhile, we’ve broken a 2,000,000 year old record with our levels of greenhouse gas!!! U-S-A U-S-A U-S-A!!!

Morocco is building a 160Mw solar plant in their otherwise unused desert. There are 120000 unused square miles in the Sonora desert in SW USA alone.

Could lightning be caused by cosmic rays?

We can determine the atmospheric contents of exoplanets. No Oxygen/Nitrogen reported yet.

Special for dumpster divers. 10 min video on the reuse of dumpster contents. Quite a bit of creativity displayed.

Underwater archeology finds Dunwich.

How squid fly.

Boxturtle (Nothing Australian goes down easily)

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