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Sunday Food: Mother’s Day Breakfast

Mom gets breakfast in bed

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Let’s face it, what Mom does not need is a mess.   Let’s talk about breakfasts that you and the kids can do without making one.

Coffee is essential.   Typically, a scoop of coffee per two cups of coffee works, but if you don’t know how to make it, take Mom a cup of hot water and one or two packets of instant, or the jar of instant with a spoon.   She knows what she likes.   If you don’t have Half and Half, or she doesn’t take cream, milk is fine, and yoghurt works in a pinch.  Or throw some ice cream at her and tell her this is a special morning, Go For IT.

It’s hard to mess up toast, betcha you know which bread she likes, spread on some margarine or butter, pull out the jam that she uses.   It’s the one that’s already opened and might even be the one you don’t use, the one in the back of the refrigerator.

You want to make eggs without making a mess, boil or poach them, in boiling water.  A four and a half minute eggs, dunk in cold water, take up on a tray in a cup, with a spoon to break them open.

You can skip the bacon or sausage, no way to cook them without splattering, and she would like that best.   If you thought ahead, or run out first to the store, there are pre-cooked kinds and pop them in the microwave to heat.

Juice is good, but not fresh squeezed which would mean she has to wash up the juicer after you.   If you have some in a jar/can/container, pour it half full, so you don’t spill on the way up.

Picking her favorite rose off the bush, to surprise her, just isn’t a good plan.  Maybe the neighbors have something pretty next to the fence, and you can sneak them in a vase.   Half full of water, not to spill.

Now wait until she’s gone to the bathroom, then take up the tray.

Tell Mom to thank me.

Mother's Day lemon meringue pie fresh from the oven

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Ruth Calvo

Ruth Calvo

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