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Want Transcripts Made for Bradley Manning’s Trial? Click here.

On June 3, less than one month from today, Bradley Manning is expected to appear in military court to face court martial.  Manning has been charged with leaking the Collateral Murder video documenting US war crimes and a trove of embarassing State Department memos.  More ominously, the prosecution is charging Manning with aiding the enemy, a charge which could result in the death penalty if convicted.

No transcripts of the pretrial hearings have been released and none are expected for the trial portion of the proceedings either.  You read that right.  No transcripts.

So, if there will be any publically available verbatim documentation of court martial proceedings in the biggest whistleblowing case since Daniel Ellsberg leaked the Pentagon Papers, the public will have to raise money to pay a court reporter to take notes in the media room as part of the press pool.

I’ll let the insanity of that speak for itself without further comment.

If you can, please donate through the Freedom of Press Foundation’s website to help create a clear historical record of the Manning trial for posterity.

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