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The Spell I’m Under….

It’s time for yet another one of those magical electronic plugs of rant. I advise you to turn up the Vox amp, turn on the electrical back up, maybe switch on the generator, I don’t know, it may be a good idea.

The rain is pounding. The lightning is setting the sky on fire, allowing me brief seconds of visualization of the tree line. The thunder just came online, and I’m strapped into a lawn chair on the backyard patio of my uncle’s ranch somewhere nestled into the “hill country” of west Tejas. The wind is unreal, to say the very least, coming through here giving my thighs a quick whisper of something crazy. I now know what Captain Dan felt like on top of Bubba Gump I, I’m right there, at the edge of oncoming hell. The bugs are delighted to find something to crawl on that isn’t a wet tree. My laptop screen is now home to 4 unidentified species of light lovers. Bring it. I mean, sure, I’m scared a little, lightning has always held a powerful respect in my world, especially after that wonderful day on the side of a 12,000 foot mountain. Seeing the lightning hit the ground, multiple times and thinking, hmmmm, why isn’t it striking me, I’m the highest thing on this crazy rock…….that’s another reality, the current one begs of soon to be overflowing rivers just down the hill. At least we have flood insurance……

Spent the day walking through the crazy woods with my son. It’s amazing because for the first time I was at peace with whatever was around and all that was / is. It’s one thing to be navigating a street atmosphere, wondering where the cars are, the obstacles, the hazards, and it’s a completely new world to say, no fences, just run man, rocks, dirt, and trees, have at it……a bug just flew into my mustache…..if I had a penny…….We walked along a dirt road and right before us sprang a whole herd of exotic deer. Axis, black buck antelope and the like, I actually got some shaky video, but that’s for ze youtube channel…..later…..this is where it’s at folks. For me anyway, I can’t speak for all of you, but I can say the majority of you all come closer to the true meaning of humanity when we’re in places such as these. Away from the crowd, the noise, the hussle and bussle, the taxes, the errands, the whatever……whatever it is that convinces you that you need to be at the place you are, the reasons you stay away from such truth finding expeditions. For me this couldn’t have come at a better time, seeing, understanding the world at a deeper level than what I have been experiencing through fringe blogs and the like.

I could go on about the history of the world, the true happenings and where it’s headed, but there’s something deeper stirring. Something that grabs the soul, you know, that whispy non-physical thing hippies keep humming about. Can the scientific community prove to me that I have a soul?! I don’t think they’re there yet, but until that discovery, which is sure to come, I’ll entertain you on a certain other things that continue to flow through this mental reality I call Matthew.

Isn’t it interesting that the sole thing that keeps the “economy” functioning is “confidence”??? Right there, that thing right there, priceless. The dow dropped 5,0000 points today due to investor confidence in consumer spending…..blah blah blah. Nobody on these news channels talks about anything that’s going to change the world?! Why?!? Because their agenda isn’t meant to rock the boat, see through the evolution of humanity, it is to steer us through the cattle gates as swiftly as possible….fear this, fear that, ooooooohhh shit, they’ve got a n word……and yet we sit in our “country” as they continue to detonate bombs…..thunder rolls…..I smell irony. Jesus, it’s you, irony at my gate, take my sandals and run, keep the wings, I got thus far, I traveled to a world called Earth where the people that populate it continue to kill each other as they watch on, in dull silence, yup, that’s just how we do it, we’ve done it for so long…….

My thinking is that this isn’t going to continue. The dream that we’re currently in can be classified as a grade 2 nightmare. Captivated by fear we forget how to dream and think above and beyond what the societal puppets drill into our skulls. It’s hard though, I know, I’ve been by your side for a long time, the same thing happened to me, I guess I just feel a need to express this through a literary way, typed confinement in a wordless world. So there you go, there’s the challenge. How do you describe a universe that isn’t created through words?! How do you speak / communicate something that can’t be communicated through a vibration in your throat?! Take some mushrooms?! Smiling…….I’m told when you take psychedelics, you’re taking the goggles off, that is the true reality…….gotta love some backwards shit no?

The biggest thing that I’ve come across thus far is the alien disclosure movement. Have you heard / seen any of this stuff?! The Sirius Documentary……the Citizens Disclosure meeting that happened at the Press Club in DC?! Geeeee I dunno man, thousands of witnesses, throughout the military complex and high level authorities speaking of………knowledge that we’ve had since the 40s. Unreal, it certainly is isn’t it………you know it feels so good? So we have technology that would change the world overnight, and yet we’re continually led down the one train thought of oil is all we have etc… petro / dollar. GET IT SON!!!

I don’t expect you to read all this blabber. It certainly isn’t an instant classic, but I think if I was aiming for that, I wouldn’t be here, traveling the thousands of miles to get here. And you, my dear reader have also traveled thousands of miles, on and around this Earth as well as through this space… know, that space where nobody has a clue what it means….we’re still flying thousands of miles per second right now on a ROCK. As I type this, we’re thundering through the cosmic brilliance of beauty….and we’re still worried about dudes with bags.

This is the old dream, like I said a grade 2 nightmare. To get from here I truly believe we’re going to have to open up everything, and allow the true essence to why we’re here. The reasons have a wonderful timing element me thinks. I don’t know my purpose in life….I don’t know why I’m here….etc…..I don’t either, but I started writing this random email, maybe we’ll find it together? Maybe we’ll co-create?? Something, nothing… may not be from a materialistic point of view, it could be hearts connecting, through magnetic waves…..through electrical storms??

This is just me typing and is a solid exercise to trim my fat. People don’t want you to know that you’re more powerful beyond what you believe and imagine, this story is losing its appeal, I really do believe that it’s going to be people like you and me that change, dream, believe, anything that doesn’t strengthen the present nightmare. So maybe this is a call to action? I don’t know, I’m on the fence because I’ve seen some amazing things happen without action……mainly, my life thus far. Floating down this crazy river to find myself here, typing to you, saying what it do what it do?!

Random thought, what if a shooting star was heading directly to your eye ball?! Would you only see a bright flash in the circumference of a dot, and then it would disappear?! We always see shooting stars in a linear fashion, either shooting right or left from our presence, what if that star changed course and headed straight for ya?! Haaaaa…I have many others, and I’m sorry to say didn’t make it onto this blobb. Yes, that’s blob with two b’s.

I’m trying so hard right now to keep all of this within the mind frame of extending a new dream, not talking about how grave and crazy the current nightmare is. This isn’t easy. I think that’s by design. So my friends, my loved ones, I think we need to take a few steps forward into thinking of some new dreams that completely leaves our “history” behind. I think it’s high time, and we’re not going to solve the problems of today with the old mindset that created them…..thank you Einstein.

This shop is open. I bow and humbly retreat into my little tiny river in south Tejas. I hope everything with you is well and you find a little something majestic tonight.

All the love,


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