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Vermont Joins 17 States After Voting To Decriminalize Marijuana

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Vermont decriminalized possession of small amounts of cannabis.

Vermont is already notorious for being a state to get syrup and smoke weed, so it might as well official decriminalize pot. Syrup is  still legal, but it doesn’t produce nearly the amount of benefits (or fun) that marijuana does.

On Tuesday, Vermont’s Senate voted  to approve legislation to decriminalize the possession of up to an ounce of marijuana, thus making it a simple fine rather than a misdemeanor and further strain on taxpayers. It seems the measure already passed the House in April. Vermont now joins the fifteen other evolved states that have since decriminalized non-medicinal marijuana use.

Under current law, an individual possessing up to an ounce in Vermont can be incarcerated for up to six months. So sorry private-prison builders: this now means that we won’t be able to make all of you even richer by tossing non-violent, law-abiding adults into your already ridiculously overcrowded prisons. Better still, the measure will free up police resources and allow them to actually focus on legit crime, as opposed to chasing after people in Birkenstocks for possessing the non-lethal plant. And with recent polls showing a whopping 61 percent of support for decriminalization  the leaders of Vermont–unlike the lobbyist in-training mannequins in Washington–actually heeded the will of the people.

The measure still requires another vote, but it’s mostly seen as simple technicality before it goes to the desk of  Governor Peter Shumlin who has promised to sign it.

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Photo by Melanie Tata released under a Creative Commons license.

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michael hayne

michael hayne