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Late Night: The Last Throes: Way Underrated

To any outside observer, the Republican Party of 2013 would appear to be toast.  They’ve lost the popular vote in five of the last Presidential elections, won nearly 2 million less votes in the House, are failing to gain younger voters with the same alacrity as they are driving away minorities of every sort, not least that “minority” that happens to be, well, half of us.  And each night, countless cane-shaking Fox watchers across America have a hot date with the Grim Reaper.

In every case, their only strategy to cope with this electoral Armageddon is to conjure up a different one.  What they lack in numbers, they can compensate for in weapons, come to that.  Now, the hilariously delusional notion that even a violently inclined and absurdly well-armed 2% of the population, living in the same authoritarian fantasy land as the 30% or so who support them, somehow might bring down the largest military and, well Police State, the world has ever known, does seem a bit dumb, but you have to admit it’s working alarmingly well.

Never mind what concerns the public might actually hold about matters of the day, we are endlessly barraged with nonsense about whatever rolled off the ticker tape designed to hobble government until they once again rightly control it, and the machinery is in place to assure this is always the case.

This week, it was Benghazi,  the Whitewater of the new century, but it literally could have been anything.  This is the second two-term Democratic presidency that has served Republican ends, intentionally or not, and it won’t be the last.  The more cuckoo the opposition, the easier it is for Democrats to superficially differentiate themselves from it, without doing so in any way that would offend the delicate sensibilities of the large donors they’ve grown to love.

When Villagers say, ad nauseam, that we’re a “center-right country,” I have to, albeit glumly, admit that they have a point.  Not the actual people, of course, who are being systematically deprived of any voice whatsoever, but the government?  Yep.  Thanks to the undue legitimacy Republican “ideas,” and I use the term loosely, are granted in the liberal (!) media, we’ve gone from mere Climate Change denial into the UN coming for our golf courses. We’ve gone from opposing abortion to to opposing human sexuality in nearly all forms.  We’ve gone from tepid qualms about torture to open advocacy of it, on practically anybody that comes along.

Heck, we’ve even got Dick Cheney growling before the cameras all about how rough and ready his team always was on Sept. 11, with the notable exception of the big one, and no one on TV bats an eyelash, false or otherwise.  Lewis Carroll could do no better.

One can only hope that at some point, a guy like Ted Cruz or Rand Paul says something so transcendently horrifying that even David Gregory would finally blanch, but methinks, and not for nothing, one would hope in vain.

As the utter failure of two ostensibly “liberal” Presidents to even slightly alter this dynamic becomes increasingly clear, it seems that it is indeed the world of the Republicans’ bizarre imaginings, and we just live in it.

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