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Thursday we go to media and news outside the U.S. as Southern Dragon did in his Diner posts not long ago.

The Arctic is a source of food and territory for many species integral to our earth.   The waters there are becoming increasingly acidic, changing the survival conditions.    By overusing petroleum products, we increase CO2 in our planet’s atmosphere.   That in turn produces many results, one being that acidification.

Absorption is particularly fast in cold water so the Arctic is especially susceptible, and the recent decreases in summer sea ice have exposed more sea surface to atmospheric CO2.

The Arctic’s vulnerability is exacerbated by increasing flows of freshwater from rivers and melting land ice, as freshwater is less effective at chemically neutralising the acidifying effects of CO2.

The researchers say the Nordic Seas are acidifying over a wide range of depths – most quickly in surface waters and more slowly in deep waters.

In ongoing efforts to prosecute crimes against civilians, Bangladesh’s war crimes tribunal has declared another former official guilty in recent atrocities committed during the war for independence from Pakistan.

Judges at a war crimes tribunal in Bangladesh have found a fourth senior Jamat-e-Islami leader guilty of charges relating to the country’s 1971 war of independence.

They have upheld five out of seven charges, including crimes against humanity.

One of the charges included being a commander during a massacre of 120 people. A sentence has not yet been handed down.

Targeting infrastructure improvements, Indian leadership is balancing a deficit against future growth, speculating about the possibilities of incurring debt at record low interest levels.

The US is having a third round of quantitative easing, and the Fed is deliberately targeting long-maturity bonds to keep long-term rates low. This greatly increases the case for long-term borrowing by India too, to take advantage of cheap rates. The eurozone has always had low rates, and these have just got lower with ECB action. Japan has gone on a new quantitative easing spree under Premier Shinzo Abe.


In the US and Europe too, inflation has remained astonishingly low for years despite huge amounts of monetary expansion, but one day, this mountain of expansion will stoke high inflation.

At that point of time, borrowers will be rewarded with a huge erosion of the real value of their debt. So, borrowers today can look forward to the double advantage of low current rates of interest, plus an erosion of debt value by coming inflation. It is an opportunity not to be missed.

While the Western economies are strangled by powerful financial interests inveighing against any investment that benefits the public, in nations dominated by the people themselves there are great possibilities opening to general prosperity and well-being.


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Ruth Calvo

Ruth Calvo

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