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An Open Letter to AIDS Services of Austin

Editor’s Note: The author of this post, Carey Dunn, was arrested later in the day at the #SB237Now Blockade.

Congratulations from a Volunteer at the Q

I think I should congratulate the administration of Aids Services of Austin. You have done quite an effective job of dismantling the community portion of your community center, the Q. First you bullied a disabled coordinator into quitting, and then changed his job requirements so someone with his disability is no longer qualified. Second you chased off the lead coordinator whom you had originally hired to build relations with other service organizations. Finally you have fired the only female coordinator, who was also the most successful outreach coordinator in the program’s history, and who has been instrumental in making the Q into the inclusive space that so many people felt welcome in. From your actions it’s clear you have done an excellent job of not only eliminating the community element of the space but it’s diversity as well. I’m sure that the straight, cisgendered, white man in charge of prevention who has never even been to any of our events, or spoken to any of the volunteer at the space knows exactly what he’s doing.

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