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When We Attack the NRA, Beretta and Smith & Wesson Giggle

I know, I know, it is super-fun to hate the National Rifle Association. They say a lot of stupid things that really tick people off, like saying the answer to school gun violence is armed guards in every school.

Then there’s their unofficial leader, the Nuge, who told NRA convention goers last year that he would be either dead or in jail if Obama won the next election. Well, a year later, Obama is in office and Ted Nuget was a headline at this year’s NRA convention held last weekend in Houston. I guess the Nuge was either on a day pass from jail or, come to think of it, likely a zombie, brought back from the dead by a wealthy NRA donor. Freeze dried maybe?

Regardless, the NRA is great at ticking people off and drawing a lot of attention through their over-the-top rhetoric. And every time you or I react, or the media, or politicians react, we fall right into the game the NRA is being paid to play.

The NRA takes in tens-of-millions a year from gun companies, and I can tell you, as someone known for their spindoctoring past, the gun companies are getting their money’s worth. Case in point, would be the Newtown tragedy, something that still brings a tear to my eye and I hope always will. After Newtown, was it gun manufacturer Smith & Wesson or Beretta, that was suggesting the answer to school massacres was more guns in the form of more armed security guards? Nope, it was the NRA.

Was it Sig Sauer up on the stage at the NRA national convention, telling the audience that “more gun laws are not the answer?” Nope it was NRA board member Ted Nugent.

The NRA is a sock puppet, saying the things that the gun companies could never say. Or, if you will, in military parlance, the NRA is the flak jacket, paid to take a bullet for their corporate sponsors.

Want to win the war on guns in America? Stop fighting the NRA and start holding the gun company’s feet to the fire.

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Kevin Grandia

Kevin Grandia