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Hi, y’all.

A volunteer tomato plant under a mint plant

A mint plant shades a tiny volunteer tomato plant.

Last night a friend dropped by to plan some upcoming activism and talk about gardening. He showed me how I can cut ‘suckers’ off my tomato plants and turn them into more tomato plants. All the tomatoes already growing in our garden are volunteers — sprouted from dropped seeds or compost. I love the almost overwhelming bounty of gardens — the more you get into it, the more food you make.

What do you think of this child abuse advertisement which appears differently depending on your height? Gawker reports:

Using a technology known as lenticular printing, Grey Group designed an ad that contains a “secret message” that is only visible from the POV of children (~4’4″).

To adults, the billboard will contain the simple, yet powerful message, “Sometimes child abuse is only visible to the child suffering it.”

However, children will instead see the far more useful instruction, “If somebody hurts you, phone us and we’ll help you,” along with the foundation’s phone number.

Tonight’s musical selection is “Robin” from Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party, which wins for the best band name I’ve heard in a while.

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Photo by Kit O’Connell.

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