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So What is it about Bill Maher?

This past Friday, May 3rd, 2013, he had on as his first guest, one Jeremy Scahill.

I remain in awe of Scahill, in part because of his book on Blackwater. (The firm which became Xe, and is now known as Craft.) I respect Scahill for his continual valiant attempts at puncturing some holes into the veil of slime ball propaganda in which our Main$tream media now encloses most Americans’ minds. Scahill’s latest book involves our dirty little drone war against the people of Afghanistan. I urge anyone who has the spare change to purchase the new book, or at least insist that your local library obtain a copy. Its title is: “Dirty Wars: The World Is a Battlefield.”

You can watch the full interview with Maher/Scahill here at this link:

I appreciate that Maher did have Scahill on his show. But I have noticed that Maher is most excited, happy, and pleased about a subject when it involves ridiculing the RW Christians and their beliefs. He is not as pleased to have Scahill discussing the Obama-sanctioned drone murder of the 16 year old son of Awlaki. Not only was this young man killed by our drones, apparently some of his cousins were taken out as well. Where were they hit? A pizza parlor. Oh well. What was their crime? Apparently our CIA and our Presdient now feel that a “Minority Report” style of assassination is A-Okay. After all, or so they think, Hollywood has condoned it.

Maher lets Scahill talk it all out, but I get the distinct impression that the entire matter bores him. The matter of an American teenager killed in Yemen by US drones is not as noteworthy to him as Obama’s tolerance for gay marriage. It is not as noteworthy to him as Obama’s occasional tidbits thrown to the left, which Maher treats as though they were the Second Coming of You Know How. (An entity Maher doesn’t believe in, so I won’t name the Ascended One.)

Here’s my take on Maher: When Obama starts to go after whomever it is that supplies Maher with his beloved pot, then he will wake up. But since Maher has contributed a million dollars to Mr Obama, I think it is safe to say that Obama treats him and his drug suppliers, with the same reverence usually reserved for one of Obama’s friends at Big Pharma or one of the President’s friends within the big Mexican drug cartels.

So what I am saying is this: trust your own instincts before waiting for advice from Bill. After all, Maher could not,even with the abundance of staff and numerous writers/researchers, get his cute little pie chart/veggie graphic to depict Social Security properly. Yes, Maher has Social Security coming out of the General Fund, apparently unaware of the fact that although the Federal General Fund distributes the Social Security checks, the Social Security monies are held in their own Fund, which has a 2.1 trillion dollar surplus and in no way contributes to the deficit.

Just as he gets this important fact of American life wrong, so too does Maher fail to understand the implications of what it means that we kill innocents abroad. As our nation learned some 70 years ago, nations that kill innocents abroad, and who call people “terrorists” often kill people at home, and in rather large numbers. In 1937, German Soldiers were greeted warmly by citizens of Czechoslovakia. In 2013, people applauded the policeman who brought a Boston family some milk during the lockdown.

Totalitarian governments start out slowly and begin in a friendly way as they start the inevitable purges. Maher will be the last one aware of what this “War on Everyone Suspected of Anything” really means, until it is far too late for the “Real Time” show host to warn anyone about it.

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