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Over Easy: Monday Science

KaBoom does not cover it

This is what happens when The Suns warranty runs out


Supernova that may have caused the creation of the solar system left two remnants in some Antarctic sand. H/T MsMolly.

We may have a method of detecting a supernova before it happens.

This should be interesting. Wonder what they’ll find.

A black hole birth may be detectable in advance as well.

This is one of the most energetic Gamma Ray bursts ever detected. Comparatively close (3.6B LY) to us for such things, and probably indicating a rather large supernova.

Fukushima gradually worms it’s way back to the Mainstream. H/T MsMolly.

Meanwhile, it seems clear that either the spent fuel pool or a core exploded. Radiation that high could only come from a fuel rod. This is not news to most here, but it makes the official claims of a hydrogen explosion that much weaker.

I did not know that beekeepers fed high fructose corn syrup to their hives. That may be part of the hive collapse issue. Perhaps we can train cockroaches to pollinate, since they seem to be the only bug we can’t kill.

Map of H7N9 danger areas. 20% mortality, but only about 125 reported cases.

You’re drinking your coffee all wrong. My wife will vouch for the Blue Mountain, it all tastes like bitter dirt to me.

Climate change could bring malaria to UK. Which means it could get to us as well.

Seahorse armor helps design robots. Bean leaves may give us the clue to stopping bedbugs. Nature will help us, if we don’t kill all her hints first.

Hypersonic flight takes one step closer to reality.

Does your calamari taste different recently?

We sent a robot into The Feathered Serpent pyramid. Many WTF moments, including never before seen orbs.

Ten years have passed and the water from SL-9 is still detectable in Jupiter’s atmosphere.

Boxturtle (They need to invent an affordable robot that cuts grass)


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