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Food Sunday: Crock Pot Pot Roast

Pot Roast

Pot Roast

Growing up, if we didn’t have fried chicken for Sunday dinner, we most likely had a pot roast. While Dad was the one who made the fried chicken (unless we were visiting one of his sisters for dinner), both Mom and Dad could do a pretty good pot roast. Our stove had a built in “dutch oven” so that was what was used most of the time for the pot roast.

Today, I am most likely to make my pot roast in the crock pot. In fact, that is what my Sunday dinner this afternoon will be – a crock pot pot roast. It is really quite simple. This morning after my breakfast, I grabbed some red potatoes. The smaller ones I did not touch but the larger ones, I cut up into chunks so that everything is about the same size. I think I started with 8 total red potatoes. Sometimes, I will use standard russet potatoes and for those, I go for 2 or 3 depending on the size. For all the potatoes, I wash them off but generally leave the skin on. The other vegetables are carrots, celery, and oan-yoan. (Love me some good oan-yoan – and for those who don’t understand Justin Wilson style ‘English’ that is onion.)

Today, I am making a small (1 1/2 pound) sirloin tip roast. I rubbed the roast with some minced garlic then salt and fresh ground pepper over the top then into the crock post on top of the veggies. I chose this as it was on sale. Other times, I will just use a chuck roast.

I did not do this today but sometimes I will coat the roast in flour and sear it in a hot skillet on all sides before putting it in the pot. I also was feeling too lazy to tie the roast up today. I usually do this with the chuck roasts.

I did add about a spoonful of flour and a half cup of water so I should wind up with the gravy as I go along. The last time I made a pot roast a few weeks ago, I just added the half cup of water then made the gravy after everything was finished cooking.

The main thing about using a crock pot is it is virtually impossible to really screw things up, no matter what you are making. I rarely make things the same way, even using the crock pot. I just throw together a mix of food and spices that seem like they might work together. As always, the key is to know your own tastes and cook accordingly.

And because I can:

Photo from mattebert licensed under Creative Commons

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