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Rant 5: From Here, Where?

The Moral Rot Of Our Ruling Class: A Rant In Five Parts

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RANT 5: From Here, Where?

OK, I confess, I came thisclose to having this post open up to a blank page cause, mother of god, where do we even begin?

In my Rant 1 intro I mentioned it’d been awhile since I’d written a post. Usually I aspire to offer up some course of action or sign of hope but lately I’ve been unable to find either, or the energy to fake it.


Empty roads to travel

I don’t have a fucking clue how to get out of this mess. I do know we don’t have the luxury of time to await more or better from our elected pols. Events are cascading so fast so far so many holes to plug, the craven/cowering/token good hearted currently in office only adding to the flood.

What we’ve established without doubt:

  • That when people are rewarded for bad actions they will continue with the bad actions.
  • That those who define the narrative win.
  • That 8 years of Republican fear followed by another 8 years of Democratic fear have produced an easily spooked populace willing to parrot back the terror-tropes drilled into our heads.


I believe, truly, that we respond to our better natures when given the chance. That we are resilient, and able to change faster than we’ve been (mis)led to believe.

A notion I detest above all others is that We the People get the government we deserve. Sorry, We the People are struggling to get a job, keep a job, make do with a crappy job. Pay the bills, pay the rent, pay the taxes. Help our parents, help our child, help our kin. Get sick, get treated, go broke. Pay our mortgage, get foreclosed, get fucked.

I have the luxury of time to sit at my keyboard and compose five rants. To read blogs and tweets and news. But the majority of the 297,000,000 don’t. They’re dependent upon the media to provide factual information, even if delivered through an ideological lens. Instead, emotion is being given equal or greater weight to reason, and we’re off into a Wonderland world where “Up” is declared “Down” in off-the-record leaks and the media copies & pastes & hits print.

Psst: when doing a simple fact check and utilizing basic logic would reveal your info as false, but you don’t even bother with this step, you’re doing it wrong.

The total abdication of the press from their role as adversary acts like a gangrene on our democracy. But we have an opportunity like none before to fight this moral rot.

The last few years has unveiled the big-assed Elites as thin-skinned primadonnas who freak out when the lowliest blogger says something mean about them. Their disproportionate responses reveal their achilles heel: they really fucking care what people – even dirty fucking hippies – are saying about them. We have their attention, like a splinter we are under their skin.

And this is where opportunity comes, one already on display with the dialogues springing up all over Twitter between Reporters and Journalists and smarty pants bloggers where factual errors get pointed out and corrected. Theses get challenged, expanded, clarified, disproved. A true spirited debate among peers making new connections that thread out across the world.

Reporters with their email addresses on their stories, cable shows with their own Twitter accounts, We the People can now join the conversation. Local reporter botch a key fact in a story you have personal knowledge of? Send an email correcting the facts. A Cable News Show puts on a Guest with an undisclosed financial stake in the matter he’s opining on? Send a tweet busting them on their b.s.

Even if you get no response you never know what’s going on over on the receiving end. Your email, your tweet, may have been the one that stuck like a splinter in the associate producer’s side, who in the next staff meeting, or the next, finally raised her voice to suggest the fact a guest advocating an outcome he’ll personally profit from should maybe be disclosed to the viewer?

That your email or tweet was the one that led that reporter to talk to her buddy who mentioned it to a Twitter pal who ran it by his government source who accidentally revealed a truth that got forwarded to the reporter who ran a story that got buried on page 12 but got seen by an Obama flunky who showed it to his boss who showed it to her boss who brought it to the attention of The Boss who then spent the next week trying to ignore the splinter until it got infected and had to be removed which drew the attention of a back-row member of the D.C. press who one day raised her hand and the narrative changed.

We the People have our own bully pulpit made up of millions of individual voices. While each solitary action may look futile up close, pull the frame back and we are millions of connections threading our way across our world.

Energy begets energy.

/rant off

Photo from Damian Gadal licensed under Creative Commons

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